Timeless Loving: An Intro to SkyDancing Tantra

Our signature workshop is designed for couples and singles who are ready to take a step towards more aliveness, love, and consciousness in their intimate relating as well as their daily lives.

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Tantric Massage: A Tantra Workshop on the Art of Ecstatic Touch

Tantra and massage - an irresistible combination! Practice the art of ecstatic touch and use ritual, communication and energy awareness to enhance sensual pleasure.

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The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET): An Intensive Course in SkyDancing Tantra

The Love & Ecstasy Training will change forever your experience of sexual loving. Explore how your sexual energy can heal your body, open your heart and expand your spirit to states of unity and bliss.

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Tropical Tantra Vacations

A great way to combine learning Tantra with a romantic and amazing vacation experience in paradise! Next Tropical Tantra vacation for couples in Costa Rica will be held on January 10-17, 2015. Join us for this exclusive retreat in a glorious mansion set right on the beach in Playa Tambor.

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SkyDancing Tantra

SkyDancing Tantra is a way of life, a spiritual path offering practices for deepening ecstasy, intimacy and love. What does Tantra have to do with sex? In tantric lovemaking we enjoy the journey without being goal oriented. We take time to smell the roses, rather than rushing to the end of the road. In a nutshell, that is our approach to ecstatic living - in the bedroom, and in the boardroom!

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Tantra turns you On, In & Beyond!

Oct 27 2013 0 Comments by Steve & Lokita

Tantric mystic Osho said that the Tantra vision "is the map to turn you on, and to turn you in, and to turn you beyond." (Osho, Tantric Transformation, Talk #7) Tantra offers us many ways to get turned on - making love the tantric way; relating to each other with full presence; becoming aware of the beauty around us; creating sexual ecstasy with ourselves and with our partner. It gives us te...

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