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Where is my Body?

May 18 2014

S&Lgazing2‘A Zen monk, Rinzai, attained his enlightenment, and the first thing he asked was, “Where is my body? Where has my body gone?” And he began to search. He called his disciples and said, ”Go and find out where my body is. I have lost my body.”

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Can you relax in high states of arousal?

May 02 2014

tantric_coupleThe qualities of tantric lovemaking can be applied to the way we live our life, and vice versa. For example, when we make love the tantric way, we stay relaxed in high states of arousal.

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Tantra turns you On, In & Beyond!

October 27 2013

Tantric mystic Osho said that the Tantra vision “is the map to turn you on, and to turn you in, and to turn you beyond.” (Osho, Tantric Transformation, Talk #7)

Tantra offers us many ways to get turned on – making love the tantric way; relating to each other with full presence; becoming aware of the beauty around us; creating sexual ecstasy with ourselves and with our partner.

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Tantra in the Marketplace

August 04 2013

Experiencing Tantra in the marketplace… I grew up in Germany where things get done on time, by contract, exactly and reliably. Nowadays, I appreciate the German way for being structured, disciplined and organized; an environment with systems that work. Being a good German girl, that’s the way I like it, and if things are not working out that way, it can be quite challenging for me!

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Q&A about Semen & Tantric Sex

May 12 2013

tantric_massageQ: Does the male not release semen in tantric sex? Please confirm as I am not sure. If yes, then how does one control the ejaculation?

A: Tantric sex offers options to enrich, expand and extend lovemaking in all its forms. There are practices for learning how to expand the sensations during sexual interactions to include the entire body, rather than being focused on the genitals only. One of the main ideas of tantric sex is to channel the energy through the chakras, and irrigating the entire subtle energy system of our body so that we may,  as Margot Anand so eloquently puts it, “transform lust into bliss”.

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Ecstasy, Music & Tantra

October 27 2012

Free-form ecstatic dance is one of my favorite tantric practices, and an expression of my divine energy. Letting go into the rhythm and melody of the music, allowing my body to sway and tremble, to shake and let loose, to stomp and stand still – that is truly orgasmic to me! I may connect with another person unconditionally in that space, melt with them, or I may be enraptured alone, celebrating and loving myself. After every ecstatic dance experience, I feel relieved, de-stressed, relaxed and overall healed and wholesome. There is new clarity, more spaciousness inside my mind, and my heart is open wide to relate to my beloved and the world around me.

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Is SkyDancing Tantra a Brand?

June 04 2012

Someone told me recently that in her opinion, SkyDancing Tantra is a “brand” and that general business principles apply to it. This certainly does not match up with my experience! I have owned and run various businesses my entire adult life, including one related to computers and accounting applications. If I have learned anything from operating the Institute for Ecstatic Living, a Tantra workshop “business”, for the past 13 years it is this – Tantra (or SkyDancing Tantra) is neither a “business” nor a “brand” in the traditional sense.

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