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Tantric Massage: A Tantra Workshop on the Art of Ecstatic Touch

Dedicate a weekend to Bliss, Sensuality & Ecstasy!

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      Tantric MassageTantric touch, ritual and communication are the foundations for this sensuous weekend. As you gently tune into each other, the difference between giving and receiving dissolves into a harmonious flow of your ecstatic energies. This weekend is an ideal opportunity to explore the fine line between sensuality and sexuality and to deepen your connection and love.

      • • Fine tune your skills in the art of ecstatic touch
      • • Learn a sensuous, healing, and pleasurable whole-body massage
      • • Integrate spirituality and physical pleasure
      • • Explore the surrender of giving and receiving
      • • Open new doors to the heart of your beloved
      • • Allow more pleasure and trust in your relationship

      Why do we call this massage “tantric”? In a traditional massage, we recline on the table and receive, entranced. Our Tantric Massage includes interactive elements such as eye contact, communication, breath awareness and energy movement along with touching the whole body. By weaving active and passive elements into the massage, a conscious connection between the giver and receiver is formed, bringing around more intimacy and pleasure for both.

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      Most Tantric Massage workshops are open to couples and individuals, unless otherwise specified. Couples will work together exclusively during the massages unless they desire otherwise. There will be an equal number of men and women present.

      Scheduled Locations, Costs & Logistics

      “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for sharing yourselves and your work with us. That was one of the best and soulful weekends of my life. I am definitely going to pursue Tantra and tell my friends.” Jerry M. business executive

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