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Tantric Intimacy: A New Perspective on Love, Sex & Spirituality

Scheduled Locations, Costs & Logistics

Are you ready to take your intimacy to the next level?

This seminar presents “The Wave”, a transformative tantric practice for enriching your erotic and spiritual intimacy. Using ecstatic sensual touch, energy and gentle breathing practices, you connect with yourself and your partner in new ways to create deep communion and balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself and your relationship. Become one with yourself and your partner within and beyond the sexual context, and discover the connection between love and meditation!

You will take home with you an amazing tantric treasure to enrich your life and loving — a complete spiritual practice that can be used regularly in lovemaking, meditation, conflict resolution and countless other ways.

We welcome couples and singles with or without Tantra experience who desire to deepen their spiritual journey, personal growth and relationship. Couples will work together exclusively unless desired otherwise. No explicit sexual content.

Scheduled Locations, Costs & Logistics

“Most Honorable Lokita and Steve, there is the Art of Absorption and Assimilation — and THEN there is the Art of Incorporation. Your ability to integrate and commingle both spontaneity and structure is rare and appetizing.

The more we absorbed, the more we wanted. The more we wanted, the more enticed we were to incorporate all that we learned from you to our home. The more we practice in our sacred space at home, the more we can share it with everyone around us. I love you and thank you” – Mary Jane H, The Dancer, WA

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