Tantric Lifestyle—The Bigger Picture
Lokita Carter

As we practice and teach, our understanding of Tantra continues to deepen. So much so that we have coined a new phrase – “the tantric lifestyle”.

Much focus has been placed on the sexual aspects of Tantra. Let’s face it – lovemaking is one of the easiest ways to reach “altered states of consciousness”, to experience a spiritual moment, alone or with a partner. Have you ever felt a sense of oneness, of complete peace at the moment of orgasm? Have you experienced timelessness while making love? When sexuality is understood as a key to spiritual ecstasy and fulfillment, all other aspects of life are touched by this understanding and consciousness. People from all over the world use tantric practices to become better lovers, to create more satisfying relationships and consequently live a happier life.

Tantra says that spirituality resides within the body and that the body’s gifts can be utilized to foster and attain spiritual clarity, ecstasy and fulfillment. Hence Tantra was passed on down the ages experientially and still continues to be taught in that way.

What we found is that a simple moment like gazing into each other’s eyes for a little longer than usual can be transformed into a spiritual moment if done with awareness. If practiced many times a day, these moments bring around a new outlook on life and what is really important. This new awareness can lead to more intimacy, making our sex life better and more fulfilling.

Every moment is a spiritual moment! Have you ever thought of life in that way? Why stop at lovemaking, when the rest of our reality can become saturated with those special moments as well? This is what Tantra is teaching us.

For us, Tantra is a way of living, of becoming more and more aware of all that is, of transforming mundane tasks into spiritual practice. Even arguments and difficult times can become sacred. Or walking the dogs, or cleaning the house. A sense of humor, and a little awareness oftentimes works wonders!

And by the way, teaching Tantra doesn’t make us omnipotent – by teaching we are learning, we are your students, we are life’s students. As a participant recently appreciated – we act as “the guide on the side” rather than the “sage on the stage”.

In our opinion, Tantra is today’s most potent stress reliever, puts life into perspective, improves relationships and communication and leads to personal and spiritual fulfillment. And really, isn’t that what we all want? A good life, filled with love, ecstasy and intimacy?

© Lokita Carter