Transmuting Sexual Energy
Lokita Carter

QUESTION: I was wondering if you have any techniques for transmuting sexual energy?

ANSWER: Transmuting sexual energy is easy. First of all, energy follows intention.

Try an experiment with the intention to bring more energy into your left hand. Hold your hands in the air with your palms facing upwards and look at your left hand, then your right. Then direct all your intention to the left hand. Breathe into the left hand. By that I mean imagine that your breath moves all the way into your left hand. Ignore your right hand completely. Breathe into your left hand several times, with full attention on the breath and the left hand. After a while, look over to the right hand. Does it feel different? Is your left hand a little bit warmer, expanded? Do your fingers feel engorged with energy and blood?

When I try this experiment, my left hand appears bigger and invigorated. My husband is convinced that the same applies when he brings his intention into his vajra, his penis!

The same idea applies to transmuting sexual energy. When you make love or self-pleasure, you can completely immerse yourself into the pleasure of the sexual experience. Or you can consciously transform the sexual energy.

In Margot Anand’s SkyDancing Tantra the most powerful premise is to transform sexual ecstasy into spiritual bliss. Just as with the experiment above, you can move the sexual energy consciously from the genital area, the first chakra, into the higher chakras to experience a blissful implosion of energy rather than an explosion in genital sexual orgasm. Your body has seven chakras, or energy centers, also known as the tantric energy map. Each chakra has its own innate meaning and purpose, and when sexual energy is transmuted from a genital sensation into a blissful experience and consciously channeled into each chakra, it can be incredibly healing and enriching, and bring life into perspective. You might find that your communication improves, you are clearer about a difficult situation, or that you feel more connected to those around you.

Another way would be to decide before a lovemaking or self-pleasuring session to dedicate your orgasm to a particular outcome. Remember, energy follows intention, so if you dedicate your powerful orgasmic energy to the healing of the planet, mother earth will miraculously receive your energy and attention.

Another thing that comes to mind are the powerful techniques in the treasure chest of sexual magic, which can be used to transmute your sexual energy into affirmative life action by using spells and symbols. I recommend titles such as Margot Anand’s “The Art of Sexual Magic” for more information and detailed techniques and rituals.

All in all, energy follows intention. Once you bring awareness to your sexual energy, it can easily be transformed into powerful creative and healing energy.

© Lokita Carter