What is a Tantric Goddess?
Lokita Carter

QUESTION: My friends tell me that “Tantric Goddess” is a new-age term for slut. Please can you tell me how you see it?

ANSWER: I have a lot to say about the term “slut”, but let’s stay with our definition of “Tantric Goddess”.

One of Tantra’s premises is that we are perfect the way we are. Once we accept ourselves the way we are life gets easier and more ecstatic, and we make room for changes. The less we fight with who we are, the more opportunities we have to radiate who we really are. A Tantric Goddess is one who celebrates herself for who she is every moment.

Another premise of Tantra is that everything that happens is a tool for our expansion. We live in a yoyo environment – when things are good, we go up, and when things are bad, we go down. Accepting how things are and that there is learning in every situation, our lives will have more equanimity and be in equilibrium. A Tantric Goddess knows that everything and everyone is her teacher.

Tantra is a spiritual path that transcends duality and is based on union. A Tantric Goddess is a woman whose inner woman and inner man are integrated in harmony and union. She knows intuitively and consciously when and how to respond to life with her masculine and feminine traits. She is not afraid to be receptive and vulnerable, and is not afraid to be a strong lioness.

Tantra includes practices that utilize our sexual energy to support our spiritual growth. Traditionally, such practices were known to women, and transmitted from the woman to her lover(s). A Tantric Goddess knows how to use her sexual energy wisely, and to expand it throughout in her body so that her sexual orgasm can become spiritual ecstasy. She also knows how to share this with her partner so that they can create the union of the outer woman and the outer man.

© Lokita Carter