3 Prevalent Myths About Tantra
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Whether it was mentioned in passing during conversations with a former flame or sensationalized in a television show, virtually everyone has had some exposure to Tantra at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, there are many myths out there about tantric intimacy, which often leaves individuals with more questions than anything else. Here at Ecstatic Living® Institute, we’re doing our part to set the record straight by providing SkyDancing® Tantra seminars, retreats, coaching and professional training, so be sure to check out our offerings online. In the meantime, let’s review three common myths about Tantra and the truth behind these misconceptions.  

Tantra Myths

Myth #1: You Need a Partner to Practice Tantra

Many people are surprised to learn that you don’t need to have a partner in order to practice Tantra, but it's true. In some respects, it is very similar to learning martial arts, yoga, or any other activity that requires a deep understanding of your own body. You don’t need a partner to learn how to breathe deeply, coax your body into relaxing, and heighten your spiritual awareness. In fact, some might argue that learning Tantra on your own makes sharing tantric intimacy with a partner later on that much more special. We find that single individuals often enjoy the workshops and seminars that we offer at Ecstatic Living because of the confidence and energy they gain throughout the sessions. Practicing Tantra can even be an effective way of breaking through roadblocks to sexual intimacy, such as trauma, and can be very powerful when it is learned solo.

Myth #2: Tantra Is About Learning How to Have Marathon Sex

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions about tantric intimacy that people have heard. No, the goal of learning Tantra is not so that you and your partner can make love for hours on end, although this is a possibility for those who desire to do so. Rather, Tantra focuses on connecting the body, mind, and soul. Tantra enables you to experience enhanced sexual intimacy with your partner that focuses on the “we” rather than the “me” with conscious, intentional lovemaking (sometimes known as "slow sex") that encourages unification. Senses and emotions harmonize together during tantric intimacy, allowing you and your partner to enjoy a deeper connection as you reach new sensual heights together.

Myth #3: Tantra Promotes Casual Sex

There is a difference between casual sexual encounters and deep tantric intimacy with a partner, and it is easier to understand this the more you learn about Tantra. One-night stands and other forms of casual sex are most often about the here and now, about satisfying immediate desires. Once the moment of high arousal is over, the two say good-bye and life goes on, no strings attached. An ongoing relationship and deeper connection is not wished for.

Whereas, deeply satisfying tantric sex between committed partners is about melting into each other, disappearing into oneness, and using the sexual energy to elevate themselves and their relationship. In a committed relationship tantric intimacy is a powerful tool to rediscover, to awaken again and again the god and goddess in each other, and to harness the divine magic that exists within each of us.

True tantrikas know that whether sexual or not, Tantra is about showing up each day for ourself, and our partner in totality — body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit. It asks us to be completely vulnerable with ourself, and another person in order to connect on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level and live ecstatically together.

In fact, Tantra itself does not promote anything. It does not place value on one thing over another. It embraces everything as part of life, and as a tool for expansion. Tantra is a spiritual path that includes all aspects of our life.

Interested in Learning More About Tantric Intimacy?

Were you surprised to learn the truth behind these three myths? If so, then we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the tantric teachings and methodologies offered in our introductory seminars on Tantra. During these seminars, we introduce the fundamentals of SkyDancing Tantra, explore the art of pleasure, and cover several other topics that can help you learn how to integrate love, intimacy, and spirituality into the fabric of your everyday life. Browse all of our available introductory Tantra seminars online and contact us to reserve your spot today.

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