7 Benefits of Tantric Massage
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In our previous post, we covered five practices that are key to awakening the tantric lover inside of you. Tantric massage (offered in our Ecstatic Touch™ series) was one of the practices that we briefly touched on, reviewing that this deeply sensual massage offers many benefits. Today, the team from Ecstatic Living® Institute will discuss those benefits in greater detail to help you get a better understanding of how this practice can complement your tantric lifestyle and enhance your relationship in ways you never thought were possible. Let’s check them out below.

Tantric Massage Benefits

Health and Vitality

As humans, we are hard-wired with sexual energy. Unfortunately, this energy is often misdirected or misused without its full potential being realized. Tantric massage helps teach the body how to use this energy for healing, allowing us to cleanse and purify ourselves physically, spiritually, and emotionally for enhanced health and vitality.

Elimination of Blockages

What exactly are blockages? While they are not actual physical barriers, blockages are any type of energetic or emotional obstacle that prevents your sexual energy from flowing freely throughout your body. Tantric massage addresses all aspects of an individual — mental, physical, emotional, and sexual — to get to the root of the blockage to eliminate it, allowing for the free flow of energy within.

Reduced Sexual Dysfunction

Presenting itself in a wide variety of ways, sexual dysfunctions are typically the result of some type of blockage. Issues like low libido, premature ejaculation, and impotence can all be challenging to your sex life. Instances of sexual dysfunctions can be reduced or eliminated completely with tantric massage, allowing us to harness the full potential of sexual energy in our body.

Increased Orgasmic Potential

For many people, the height of their sexual experiences with their partner culminates in the brief and transitory moment of orgasm. However, those who practice tantric massage have learned how to realize their full orgasmic potential. This is because tantric massage encourages sexual energy to disperse throughout the whole body, making it possible to experience whole-body, multi-orgasmic states that can last anywhere from several minutes to several hours.

Higher Sex Drive

Have you perhaps noticed that your sex drive has taken a nosedive recently? After ruling out possible health-related causes, low libido can be the result of many different things from concerns about body image to lack of time for sexual intimacy. However, many individuals find that the pleasure that comes from skin-on-skin contact within tantric massage practices can boost sex drive in a way that nothing else has. In short, the more you do it, the more you want it.

True Joy and Fulfillment

Beautiful things happen when we are finally able to embrace our true selves spiritually and sexually. Many people report feeling true joy and fulfillment for the first time in their lives when practicing tantric massage. Knowing and loving both yourself and your partner on such a deep, intimate level allows you to experience a sense of liberation, clarity, and fulfillment that you have never felt before — the true root of ecstatic living.

Enhanced Relationships

Lastly, tantric massage can enhance your relationship with your partner in ways that you never considered. When blockages are removed and sexual energy is allowed to flow freely, you get a whole new lease on life. Gone are the days of fear, embarrassment, and other restrictive mindsets that get in the way of love. Rather, you and your partner can enjoy renewed clarity for the future while cultivating true contentment and intimacy.

Want to Learn More About Tantric Massage?

Has all of this talk about the benefits of tantric massage left you wanting to learn more about it? If so, you’ve come to the right spot. Ecstatic Living Institute offers Tantra workshops and seminars in the Bay Area that explore the art of infinite pleasure, teaching you and your partner how to become skillful, multi-orgasmic lovers, riding the waves of sexual ecstasy and transform lovemaking into a spiritual experience. Check out our upcoming seminars.

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