A word from Logan Rose, our new ecstatic director
Logan Rose

For 16 years, instructors at the Ecstatic Living Institute have been delivering high-quality seminars to thousands of people about sexuality, spirituality and consciousness—seminars that help us live more ecstatically every day!

Looking back at my own life and how I got here—being Ecstatic Living’s new director—I remember a friend once telling me, “Today is the result of our yesterdays. When we look back, we can connect the dots…”

I grew up in alternative communities, surrounded by self-development workshops, meditation, breath-work, and Margot Anand’s tantra teachings. By the time I was a young adult, I rebelled against everything “woo-woo” and moved to the big city. Drawn to social work and business development, I quickly discovered my passion for teamwork and community building, and became successful in those areas. But after 15 years, I was done with the mainstream where I never felt quite at home. That’s when I discovered Harbin Hot Springs and the home I had been looking for. It’s there I met Steve & Lokita Carter and started working for their Ecstatic Living Institute. That was 7 years ago.In connecting the dots of my past, I understand and appreciate how I got here. With great love for the wonder of life, I’m ecstatic to be plerking (“playing” + “working”) with an extraordinary team of Tantra instructors, workshop coordinators, assistants and office staff, growing together as we cultivate an ever-enriching organization that brings ecstatic living and loving to more and more people in our world!

Thank you for making Ecstatic Living possible. May our ever-expanding community enrich ourselves, each other and our humanity at large!

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Logan Rose
Director of Ecstatic Living

© Logan Rose