Can you relax in high states of arousal?
Lokita Carter

The qualities of tantric lovemaking can be applied to the way we live our life, and vice versa. For example, when we make love the tantric way, we stay relaxed in high states of arousal.

During ordinary lovemaking, as arousal intensifies, our movements often become faster and faster. In anticipation of imminent release, our jaw, hands and feet get tense, and the body gears up to expel this tension. An explosive climax is often the inevitable, physical result. In tantric lovemaking, however, we relax in those high states of arousal so that the delicious sexual energy can reach every cell of our body rather than being released. The result is an experience of spaciousness that is rejuvenating, refreshing and enlightening.

Let’s apply that to everyday life. When I am in a state of high intensity  while working in the office, my mind tends to go crazy with the gazillion things I have to do, with the deadlines, the pressure of urgency and so forth. I can get worked up pretty quickly. Sometimes this intensity results in an explosive _ and most often very emotional – release. It can be very exhausting, and does not really serve me, my work load, or others around me that well.

Focusing on staying relaxed at those intense times helps me to move beyond the stress and perceived pressure of my mind, and allows me to enter into “the zone”. Here, the perspective is different; there is more spaciousness, my mind is calmer and more organized, indeed more efficient.

You can see – ecstatic living and ecstatic loving are deeply connected. Have you experienced this lately?

© Lokita Carter