Ecstatic Living in Unpredictable Times
Lokita Carter

Translated from the Greek word "ekstasis", 'ecstatic' means to be outside the static. "Ex" means 'outside of' and "stasis" means 'static'. Over 21 years at Ecstatic Living Institute we have offered transformational workshops, trainings and events that support us to create more of those ecstatic, fluid qualities in our lives. Our vehicle for the teaching has been Tantra, the path of overcoming dualities that includes everything, and yes, sexuality as well.

And now we find ourselves in the time of the coronavirus. Everything has changed. The virus effects all of us, regardless of skin color, age, financial circumstances, religious persuasion, gender, political beliefs, where we live, our profession, et cetera. None of that matters to the virus. We all have a body. So really, in this pandemic we are all one.

It is sad for me to see in the media that there is a great chasm in between us human beings, growing wider and deeper as the pandemic progresses. Instead of coming closer together and discovering how we can overcome this shared situation, we are shown almost daily that we are moving further apart.

There are those who believe that the pandemic does not exist, they baulk at the safety measures and restrictions, and accuse the authorities of taking away their freedom and their rights. For them all that is true.

And then there are those who see a global health crisis. They take recommended measures and restrictions seriously, even though they are not exactly the most convenient. That is what is true for them.

But do we really have to fight and argue about it? Do people have to be beaten up or die because they are requesting somebody to wear a mask? Do others who wear a mask have to be insulted by those who are on the other side of the chasm? Do the ones who choose not to wear a mask have to flaunt it as their free choice?

No. I believe it is high time to embrace all the perspectives, and to come to a place of the bigger truth. In this truth, we are strong. This is the tantric perspective.

Instead of spending valuable time on dealing with conflicts and creating more division between us, we would be much better served to find the place of common truth that something is indeed going on, and that we are all freaked out about it, whether we like it or not. Everybody has their own way of expressing it. But the overlying truth is that nobody knows anything for sure. How long this will go on? When will there be a vaccine, if ever? Will we get really sick or die because there is no proven treatment for Covid-19? Is this perhaps the end of the world? And on and on.

Tantra to me means 'acceptance'. In the past months I admit, I have struggled with accepting the myriad challenging facts that living in a pandemic has brought to my life. Exhausted, just recently the struggle ended, and I now know that all I am asked by life to accept is that I do not intellectually know anything.

As I sit pondering the both sides of what is true for them, and the one all-embracing truth that something scary is going on - I am thinking of the word 'ecstatic' again. Right now, almost nothing is static. The old normal has gone out the window, and there is only the flow of not-knowing and no control. So as weird as it might sound, in that sense we live in an ecstatic time.

All our chips are up in the air. And eventually, one day, they are going to rearrange themselves into a new constellation. That is the way it goes.

In this unpredictable moment of life, there is only so much we can actually, practically do. Yet there is something else, an attitude that can be alive within me, and that is: to trust - trust in life and cultivate the stability in the middle that embraces it all. There resides the deep truth that overcomes dualities and divisiveness where peacefulness prevails.

*                 *                 *

About the Author

Lokita Carter co-founded the Ecstatic Living Institute in 1999 and is a direct lineage holder of SkyDancing Tantra. Together with her late husband Steve, she taught hundreds of Tantra seminars across the US and Central America. Life-threatening cancer and the tragic loss of Steve in 2015 have deepened Lokita’s teachings to new levels of intimate understanding of life, death, and what’s really important: love. Re-emerging victoriously from the darkest time of her life, Lokita is profoundly inspired to share her insights and passion for Tantra, helping others learn how to taste the bliss that is possible when we are fully present in the now and in love with ourselves, each other, and life at large. Today, Lokita offers specialized Tropical Tantra® Coaching programs for couples in Costa Rica, as well as Tantra Coaching Online for Couples.

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