Fear, Laughter & Tantra
Logan Rose

These days I notice that fear can captivate me. My attention can be drawn more into a situation steeped in fear than one overflowing with joy. What power do our mass media have over us to enthrall us with fear when what we truly wish for are joy and peace in our lives?

I suspect that it has to do with survival; in order to be happy, we first need to be alive. So, we want to feel safe. But the thing is, do we really need to worry about our survival as much as we do? In this day and age, likely not. Historically speaking, I'd say life is much safer today than it has been in the past.

So what do we do when fear grabs hold of us? Well, we can stay in the fear and become its victim. Or, we can acknowledge the fear, observe it, and accept it for what it is. How realistic is our fear? How factual is our fear? How urgent is it? In this inquiry, we calm ourselves to what is real... And sometimes, in those moments, laughter can arise. When we've explored our fear and embraced it for what it is, laughter can erupt because often it's quite funny what our mind has created.

The next time you experience fear, find your laughter. Cultivate this laughter. For laughter is the doorway out of fear to health, to life, to consciousness and happiness. Fear will compromise your immune system, but laughter will heal and strengthen your outlook on life.

When it comes to Tantra, laughter can be a rejuvenating way to accept what is. In laughter, our minds are turned off, and Tantra shows its power by overcoming the dualities of life, inviting in the oneness of being, and interweaving all that is, into one.

Committing ourselves to the tantric path and its practices, we learn to merge the seeming opposites of fear and laughter into one harmonious whole. We learn how to move beyond them into expansion and being fully alive. In our Ecstatic Living events, we find ourselves in a spiritual community of like-hearted others, exploring by ourselves and with others how we can share love and live ecstatically in all aspects of our lives, including our sexuality. Imagine how wonderful it could be to make love and celebrate in laughter and joy when we move beyond the fears that hold us back from being truly free!

To me, Tantra includes all of it—our fears, and our laughter, and everything is ok exactly the way it is. In this way, as Margot Anand says, we choose with awareness what gives us joy and pleasure.

© Logan Rose