Going Deep with Tantra
Lokita Carter

I recently attended a Tantra festival with a wide range of offerings from different tantric approaches, presented by a variety of teachers. There were some 400 participants averaging in their mid thirties, and a lot of energy. I enjoyed being part of this vibrant community of tantrikas, and sharing the same language despite the fact that we came from different backgrounds, lineages and countries. But while most people I connected with really enjoyed the half-day workshops and evening offerings, for me it was not quite the right fit.

I was reminded that many years ago a business consultant had told Steve and me that as a business we have a choice between casting our net wide, or going deep. Reflecting on it, back then we decided to go deep with Ecstatic Living and the lineage we belonged to: SkyDancing Tantra.

The festival and my memory of the business meeting brought back to me very clearly that rather than dabbling in many different offerings, my focus is on the depth, single pointedly. Going deep within ourselves, discovering who we truly are and how we connect with others is so important, especially when living in relationship with a beloved. In the depth, there is stability and equanimity.

And at the same time, Tantra is a path of bringing seeming dualities into harmony, so when there is depth, there is also room for lightness. Depth does not always have to be this “deep and meaningful” thing, it can be quite light, fun and totally ecstatic! Sexuality and sensuality are a quick way to connect us from the physical level to the depth of our being, to the place of divine mystery. When we practice reaching into our depth again and again, we open ourselves to living more ecstatically and with our hearts wide open.

Sure, there can be depth in short experiences, sometimes even more so than in other scenarios. Yet in my experience, the true and most precious treasures of Tantra are found in going deeper and deeper into the heart of the matter. I can practice the Wave of Bliss 1001 times, and each time I have a different experience, as the technique disappears, and I am simply becoming the practice, dissolving into the mystery. Yet it feels like I am starting each practice where the last one ended.

Integrating my experiences from the festival and reviewing my forthcoming Tropical Tantra® offerings, I am more than ever committed to the depth. My programs invite you to polish your precious pearl of love, of silence, of conscious spiritual connection and sacred sexual pleasure, together with your partner, all while taking a fabulous vacation in paradise, having fun and diving deep.

Much love,
Lokita Carter

Currently there are two spaces left in my Tropical Tantra Vacation retreat for Couples (Feb 9-16, 2019), and two opportunities for private Tropical Tantra Coaching retreats (April 6-13 and May 9-16, 2019).

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