How much sexual energy can I divert?
Lokita Carter

QUESTION: “How much of the energy generated during sex can be diverted to chakras or other parts of the body? The above is in case of man.” G.T. from Texas

ANSWER: Dear G.T.,

Although you are a man, this answer is not specific to your gender. I have a feeling that you are going to ask another question after reading this answer!

You are asking how much energy can be diverted. First of all, it is not so much a question of “diverting”. It is more about expanding, and moving the energy. And as to the quantity – all of it. In tantric lovemaking we transform sexual ecstasy into spiritual bliss by channeling our sexual energy up through the seven chakras, and away from the genitals. The focus of the lovemaking changes from “the big oh” i.e. ejaculation, to on-going, expanded, whole-body pleasure and spiritual connection.

Our chakras are connected and branch out to the “nadis”, the subtle energy channels throughout the whole body. When we consciously move sexual energy into these subtle channels, we irrigate our every cell of our body with the powerful and transformative life force or sexual energy to become one with the divine. We become the conduit that joins heaven and earth.

© Lokita Carter