Is SkyDancing Tantra a Brand?
Lokita Carter

Someone told me recently that in her opinion, SkyDancing Tantra is a “brand” and that general business principles apply to it. This certainly does not match up with my experience! I have owned and run various businesses my entire adult life, including one related to computers and accounting applications. If I have learned anything from operating the Ecstatic Living Institute, a Tantra workshop “business”, for the past 13 years it is this – Tantra (or SkyDancing Tantra) is neither a “business” nor a “brand” in the traditional sense. It is a way of life.

The structure around the logistics for offering and providing high quality SkyDancing Tantra seminars teaches me about flexibility; about letting go when I really want to hold on; about making decisions that are heart-based rather than strategic. Business plans can be assembled and discussed ad nauseam (yes, we have done that!) but they crumble in the face of the mysterious power of Tantra which does not fit into the template and brings surprises at every turn. It is indeed a new paradigm!

SkyDancing Tantra is a sacred body of experiential offerings and wisdom that continues to evolve and expand through the unique flavor that each SkyDancing Tantra teacher brings to their work, and through the personal practice of all SkyDancers. Although much of the original methodology was developed and written about many years ago, today SkyDancing Tantra is a vibrant and spiritual way of being in love and living life. It is a commitment to reach for the sky while being rooted in the earth. It is a way to overcome obstacles through sex magic, and to create the life we long to live by taking responsibility for our own pleasure.

SkyDancing Tantra with its vision of integrated spirituality and sexuality, and learning from every moment, is my greatest teacher. I am filled with gratitude for being privileged to hold Margot Anand’s treasures in my heart and mind so that I may share them with others, and I bow to those wise and crazy forebears whose lineage has been transmitted to Steve and me!

© Lokita Carter