Making Love is a Spiritual Practice
Lokita Carter

Last weekend we taught a workshop about being multi-orgasmic. The weekend centered on sexual pleasure and tantric techniques, and at the same time it was about the deeper aspects of being present and intimate with life itself.

The focus and intensity of a couple in their sacred space sharing a multi-oh tantric massage experience brings them into an altered state of consciousness, far beyond the sexual context, where time and place disappear.

The workshop once again affirmed that Tantra is an amazing spiritual path – how profound it is to bring together pleasure and love with meditation in such an enjoyable way! By connecting with our body and our sexual energy in a conscious way, the mind chatter stops and we let go into the flow. What seemed so important before melts away, and our spiritual essence comes to the fore.

Connecting with each other’s spiritual essence is the most enriching way to relate, and to transform our ordinary life and loving into an extraordinary experience!

That’s what Tantra is all about – in the bedroom, and everywhere else!

PS. The next Multi-Oh Tantric Massage workshop is scheduled June 11-13, 2010 in Westport, CT. Please click here for more information!

© Lokita Carter