Orgasm Poem by Shezza

I rock my pelvis and flex my spine
breathe in and out, the universe is mine
I clench my muscles shooting waves of bliss
I shout and moan, all the cosmos I kiss
My mind is gone there’s no more time
Hours pass the heaven’s chime
Energy’s flowing, channels are free
I’m alive with a crazy electricity
I close my eyes but I’m wide awake
Inside me an animal, a wild snake
Up through the colors of my being
I hit my crown and explode in ecstatic freeing
There is no you, there is no me
We merge into the waves of we
All it takes is a touch of the skin
And I cum and cum again and again
Yes, Yes every single moment is orgasm
The bliss in each movement I can hardly fathom
I’m deeply lost in my own divine wonder
Then dissolve in cosmic LOVE thunder

Lots of love,

© Shezza