Relieving Menstrual Cramps through Tantric Practice
Lokita Carter

The breath and the inner flute are the keys to dissolving those pesky menstrual cramps!

The other day my period came on heavy during a workshop. Usually, on that day of the month I like to be in hiding, away from the world. Tantric practice is the last thing on my wishlist on that day! My cramps are strong and last for several hours. And because I enjoy that feeling of lightheadedness and floating in space, I rarely ever take a pain pill. Not even when the bleeding starts in the middle of the workshop!

Then it was time for Steve and me to demonstrate our powerful tantric breathing practice, “The Breath of Tantric Love”. The first part of this practice involves invigorating our energy centers, our seven chakras through intense breathing. The chakras are located roughly in line with the spine beginning at its base in the area between the anus and genitals, and ending at the top of the head. They are connected to each other by the shushumna, a central channel, or, as Margot Anand terms it, our “inner flute”.

In the second part of the practice my partner and I sit across from each other, and breathe in synch, slowly from the genitals to the heart. As we breathe through the chakras we open the Inner Flute. When the inner flute is open energy can flow effortlessly and freely through the entire body.

In the practices of Tantra – sexual as well as non-sexual – this type of focused breathing is an essential skill to expand awareness, sensation and pleasure throughout the body. In the sexual context it can transform the passion play of the genitals into a full body, spiritual sexual experience. And in the non-sexual setting when we breathe our breath through the inner flute, we change the vibration of the body on a cellular level to a higher frequency and heightened sense of spirituality, solely by moving energy. After all, the term spirituality derives from the Latin “spiritus,” meaning “wind” or “breath.”

As I was breathing intensely, fully focused up the inner flute from my genitals to my heart, and exhaled back down, I began to notice after a while that the cramping in my lower belly began to change. It became less and less intense with every breath. After about 15 minutes of more focused breathing, the tension had completely dissipated. I no longer felt scatterbrained and lethargic but clear and refreshed.

It was quite mind-blowing that after 34 years of menstrual periods the secret to dissolving the tension and pain lies with the breath and guiding the breath through each chakra up my inner flute – breathing consciously with focus and intention, fast or slow, or someplace inbetween.

If this tantric practice can relieve me from those cramps that easily, I wonder what else it can do!

© Lokita Carter