Sex Education = Love
Logan Rose

I was delighted to hear my daughter’s voice on Father’s Day. After our call, I reminisced about our lives together since she was born. To this day, the most extraordinary moment of my life was watching her first look into my eyes when she came into the world. I thought back to the life she has lived so far, and to the world we share together today. And I wondered… Had I done all I could as a father when she was a girl to help her live a happy life today, a life of freedom and self-actualization, an ecstatic life?

Could I have done more during her pivotal childhood years? This question made me think of a PBS article I recently came across about childhood education, specifically early childhood sex education. It explained that in the Netherlands, children begin age-appropriate sex education in kindergarten. And above all, it is LOVE that they are learning about. They grow up associating their sexuality to love and play.

Imagine what our world would be like today if we had all grown up that way? What would today’s violent television look like if we grew up associating sexuality to love and play, free from shame? And what would society look like if in school we had learned things like meditation, yoga, self-love, and love for others? Today, I feel inspired to be a parent! And not just a parent to my daughter, but a parent to myself, to my community, and to the world. Yes, whether we’re parents or not, I think every day we have an opportunity to raise ourselves and others. Isn’t that what love’s all about?


Logan Rose
Director of Ecstatic Living

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