Sleep Naked!
Lokita Carter

“Sleeping naked, the sensual body awakens.”


Sleeping naked I worship my own body as it rests. Sleeping naked also brings me closer to my partner. In fact I always sleep naked.When it gets cold, I use a second comforter. It feels wonderful to have my skin next to the soft cotton fabric of my bedding, and be touchable all over. Moving about in my sleep, free from the restrictions that clothes bring, my senses remain alert as I sleep, and I wake up with renewed sensuality and connection to my body in the morning.

The Practice

Tonight go to bed naked. When you slide under the covers, notice how good it feels to have space around your skin! Expand your whole body in the bed. Stretch out, roll, spread your legs, rub against the sheet, and celebrate your skin as your body’s largest organ. Does it feel better than being wrapped up in pajamas or a gown? If you have a partner, snuggle close to them, make full-body contact. Enjoy the sensations all night!

Notice if you feel any different in the morning than after a night in pj’s.

Tantric Keys

  • Do you usually sleep naked? If so, today put on underpants and a t-shirt or a nightgown for a different experience. Sometimes we need to make a change to appreciate more deeply what we take for granted.
  • If you have a lover and are a little shy to be naked in front of them, request that s/he close their eyes as you get into bed, and then make it worth their while!
  • If you sleep alone, once you get into bed, stroke your body all over and allow yourself to feel more.
© Lokita Carter