Talking to Your Partner About Tantra
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If you have recently begun learning about Tantra and the fulfilling connection and spirituality that comes along with it, it is only natural to want to share your excitement with your partner. Although the thought of making yourself vulnerable enough to talk about such a personal matter with your partner can seem intimidating or even scary, it doesn’t have to be. As your go-to source for Tantra seminars and workshops in the Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, and New York, Ecstatic Living® Institute is here to help you in every aspect of your tantric journey. That includes talking to your partner about it and in today’s post, we’ll offer four tips that can help ensure your conversations about Tantra are healthy and productive. Let’s take a look at them now.

Tips for Healthy, Productive Conversations

Think About Your Approach

You know your partner better than anyone, so it will pay off to think about how they might like to be approached to talk about Tantra. You may be excited about what you’ve learned about Tantra, but be careful not to overwhelm them with information. Explain what areas of your sex life you enjoy the most and how you think Tantra can expand upon them.

Be Open and Honest

Complete candor and authenticity go a long way in promoting productive conversations. When you explain openly and honestly what it is about tantric intimacy that you find alluring, the benefits are two-fold. You’ll experience the incredible freedom and happiness that comes with true authenticity and your partner will likely appreciate your vulnerability.

Hear What Your Partner Has to Say

Productive conversations go two ways — this means that you must be prepared to listen to what your partner has to say about Tantra. If they are just as excited as you are to embark on your tantric journey together, that’s wonderful! However, if they have concerns or reservations, or if they are completely uninterested, it is important to listen to them in order to understand their perspective.

Get Help From a Tantra Teacher

Contrary to popular belief, not all tantric journeys begin with both partners jumping in head-first. You may have already begun your solo journey if your partner has reservations about exploring tantric intimacy together as a couple. If your partner is open to learning more about Tantra practices and how it can improve your relationship, it doesn’t hurt to find a teacher who can guide both of you as you learn more about it.

Learn More About Tantric Intimacy

Ready to learn more about exploring tantric intimacy with your partner? Check out the Tantra seminars and workshops that we offer here at Ecstatic Living Institute. Our critically acclaimed teachers are just a part of what makes us America’s leading SkyDancing® Tantra provider and we have helped thousands of individuals just like you reach new heights of love, intimacy, and spirituality. Contact us today to get started!

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