Tantra in the Marketplace
Lokita Carter

Experiencing Tantra in the marketplace… I grew up in Germany where things get done on time, by contract, exactly and reliably. Nowadays, I appreciate the German way for being structured, disciplined and organized; an environment with systems that work. Being a good German girl, that’s the way I like it, and if things are not working out that way, it can be quite challenging for me!

During a visit to Costa Rica, Steve and I discovered that things get done quite differently here. Steve needed to deal with some car issues – repairs, registration, insurance etc. Off he drove to the next biggest town. No appointment, no idea of who to talk to or how to handle the logistics of car ownership in this country.

To start with, he got himself some drinking water. Low and behold, the cashier told him about her friend, a mechanic just around the corner who happened to have free time slot right then. And, luckily, across the road from him was a car part store that stocked the necessary parts. By chance, the mechanic’s brother, living a few houses down the road, was the local car insurance agent. Indeed, he knew the lawyer who to go to for the car papers, who is a cousin of his wife. Her office was right behind the insure agent’s house, and she was available for a consultation. So, going with the flow, Steve achieved the (for me) inconceivable and returned after a couple of hours with everything in order.

While Steve is already much more experienced in this than me, this little episode has encouraged both of us to relax more and more into the waves of life, to surrender our minds, and become open to the possibilities that exist everywhere, and in every moment. Our lives are an on-going dance of yin and yang, masculine and feminine, control and surrender. In tantric practice, in relationship, in the mundane activities and the highest spiritual experience. Namaste!

© Lokita Carter