Tantra, #MeToo, and Politics
Logan Rose

In last month's newsletter, I shared with you a message from Margot Anand that spoke to the #metoo movement which has taken our world by storm over the past year. Abuses of the past have been brought to the forefront like never before —sadly, even in the field of Tantra. And for the first time since Ecstatic Living was formed almost 20 years ago, our newsletter received negative responses —mainly, disappointment that Ecstatic Living had strayed from its neutral path and become political.

I reflected on this feedback, all from men... Had we indeed expressed political bias? If so, had this bias caused these men to feel marginalized? To me, it is clear that the #metoo movement goes far beyond gender, and is a deep and complex topic... This brought me to reviewing Ecstatic Living’s core values: Love (founded in compassion, kindness and respect), Community (expressed through inclusivity), Safety (insisting on explicit consent and clear boundaries), and Integrity (demonstrated through professionalism and responsibility supported by our ethical standards).

Many of the seminars we offer are based on Margot Anand's SkyDancing Tantra, a life path of non-duality which is a core principal of tantric teachings. Tantra literally means to “weave” together all that is, and to weave into our being that which we are, including our sexuality and spirituality. At Ecstatic Living, we weave together our core values, providing an environment where community thrives in love, inclusivity, safety and integrity.

From the perspective of these values, I view neither Margot Anand's message, nor my accompanying note, as political in nature. They were about bringing to light a distinction that is not widely recognized in our society today: that both individuals and organizations can and ought to make a stand for human rights —even at the risk of perhaps being perceived by a few as politically alienating, partisan or dogmatic.

At its core, Ecstatic Living is a humanistic organization that promotes Tantra and the art of ecstatic living for all. As such, we are committed to the thriving of our global family, regardless of differentiating characteristics (such as gender, sexuality, religious persuasion, political opinion, etc.). We uncompromisingly stand for values and principles that serve the overall wellbeing of our human family. This is not a political consideration, but a human one.

© Logan Rose