Tantra Practices
Lokita Carter

Tantra Practices

We can read many books and watch many programs on Tantra, but the essence of Tantra does not reveal itself until we explore the practices. It is like meditation – if we just read about it, we never meditate. We actually have to sit down and do our meditation practice before we can say that we are meditators.

Margot Anand has said that ecstasy is a discipline. In order to go deep, we have to take the time and make the commitment to practice, to walk our talk, and to experiment. We are currently working on a book of tantric practices for everyday use, and the ones presented on these pages are excerpts. Some of them are basic and simple, some are more complex, and some about sex.

The Sacred Embrace

There is always enough time for the Sacred Embrace, even when you think you’re just too busy! It only takes a minute, will elevate your being and reactivate your connection with spirit and your partner instantly.

Stand opposite another person – your beloved, a friend, your child – and close your eyes as you take a couple of slow, deep breaths. Open your eyes and gradually move towards each other. When your bodies are almost touching, slowly wrap your arms around each other, place the heads side by side with eyes closed. Feel your hearts connecting. Be completely still, without movement.

If you notice that you want to stroke or sway, resist giving in to that urge.Stay still a little longer and then some. Notice who wants to move away first, and what makes you want to move away. When you feel ready to, separate and thank each other. Don’t forget to sigh!

This very simple meditation transports you into the present moment effortlessly and gently. Timelessness enters your being and the rest of your day will not be the same as it was before!

Open your Eyes and See

Recently we spent time with Lokita’s family who live in Northern Germany and Denmark. While we had countless beautiful experiences, there was something that stayed firmly in our hearts to this day – the eye contact that seems to be the norm. We noticed right from the start that people – the customs official, the shop keeper, the bus conductor, everyone – looked straight into our eyes and held our gaze when they spoke with us. And not just for a second, but a little longer.

On one occasion I, Lokita, was walking around in a clothing store and a rather attractive man who was also browsing looked directly into my eyes, for about two breaths. My mind immediately wondered about his agenda, his motive for looking at me “like that”. Wow!

Something as simple as a look into my eyes from a stranger is so intimate! When we really look, we can see everything. When they look at us, they can see everything. The hearts beat a little faster as we look beyond the surface into the essence, the depth and soul of this other being and in turn are seen by them. Indeed, we encourage you to dedicate just the briefest moment to hold peoples’ gaze as you go through your day. It open our hearts a whole lot and life becomes so much more colorful and thrilling!

© Lokita Carter