Tantra: Seeing “God” in Me & You
Lokita Carter

Recently I had a conversation with a vibrant couple in their early 60ties. Chris and Alice have been married for 42 years, and together for 45. Their harmony and connection was tangible, and I invited them to share with me the secret to their obviously very joyous and long-term relationship.

“Well”, said Chris, “When we first met as teenagers, we looked into each others’ eyes and saw the incredible beauty of God revealed in the other. We truly saw each other.” Then they both confirmed that this revelatory moment has nourished their love since that very first day, through all the ups and downs of life, the challenges and difficulties, the joys and ecstasy.

Theirs was a beautiful example of one of our tantric treasures – we are all “gods” and “goddesses”, perfect representations of the divine mystery. When we allow ourselves to truly BE a god or goddess, we live with an attitude of celebration, appreciation and gratitude. We can see the divine qualities in our partner, and everyone around us. Life at large, and relating in particular takes on a new perspective, and love, acceptance and compassion abound in our life.

And there might be times when you find yourself unable to see the god or goddess in yourself or your partner. Spend a few moments each day looking into each other’s eyes, being aware of your breathing, without any words and appreciate who your partner really is, and see the depth of their being, their essence. When you look into their eyes, it helps to curl up the corners of your mouth upwards just a bit!

Steve and I invite you to join us on this quest for the divine in all of us!

© Lokita Carter