The Healing Wand of Light
Lokita Carter

“Infusing the sacred space of the Goddess with the healing wand of light – transformation and pleasure.”


Vajra is an instrument of many powers. Not only can he elicit, transmit and experience incredible pleasure, but he can also be a healing wand of light. Yoni may feel closed or some energy might be held inside. Vajra can shine forth light and healing, and free Yoni from any holding or wounding she might have, so that she may experience more pleasure and delight in sexual lovemaking.

The Practice

Find a comfortable position and connect with your partner. Talk about the purpose of this lovemaking session. Set an intention, for example decided that this session is about sending light and love to every cell of Yoni.

Arousal is not necessary for this practice. It works very well when vajra is erect, and when he is soft. Use water-based lubricant for extra moisture.

When you both feel ready, Vajra asks permission to enter Yoni for the purpose of transmitting healing energy. Notice that Vajra asks, rather than you, his owner. Vajra has his own voice! He might use poetic words such as, “Great Yoni, may I, the Healing Wand of Light, receive permission to visit you, bringing love and respect?” If this doesn’t feel comfortable to you, just ask her permission in whichever way works for you.

Gentle enter Yoni after you have been given permission. When you are inside, consciously infuse her with healing light energy. Think about Vajra as a wand who irrigates every cell of Yoni with sensitivity, love and positivity. And you, the woman, visualize healing permeate your Yoni.Together, open yourselves to feel the healing energy and the light. Bring your full attention to the sensations.

Continue with this practice until you feel complete with it. You might be aroused, or not. Vajra, thank Yoni for being receptive and available for this healing session. Yoni, thank Vajra for being such a formidable Healing Wand of Light.

Express appreciation and gratitude to each other, and lie together quietly for a while to integrate the experience.

Tell each other how this was for you, express your gratitude, and end with a sacred embrace.

Tantric Keys

Focus your awareness on the intention for this session – to give healing energy to Yoni. Let this be about the practice, rather than transforming it into your usual lovemaking.This practice establishes a strong and intimate love connection that can continue on for a long time. Don’t be in a rush!

© Lokita Carter