The Sacred Embrace
Lokita Carter

“Wrapped into each others’ body and energy fields – bliss, trust and relaxation.”


To connect with yourself, your partner, or a friend; to relax deeply, to share love.

The Practice

There is always enough time for the Sacred Embrace, even when you think you’re just too busy! It only takes a minute (or three), will elevate your being and reactivate your connection with spirit and your partner instantly.

Stand opposite each other and close your eyes as you take a couple of slow, deep breaths. Open your eyes and gradually move towards each other. When your bodies are almost touching, slowly wrap your arms around each other, place the heads side by side with eyes closed. Feel your hearts connecting. Be completely still, without movement.

If you have an urge to stroke or sway, resist giving in to that urge. Stay still a little longer and then some. A Sacred Embrace last at least 12 deep breaths! Notice who wants to move away first, and what makes you want to move away. When you feel ready to, separate and thank each other.

Connecting in this simple way is effortless and gentle. Timelessness enters your being and the rest of your day will not be the same as it was before!

Tantric Keys

Use the Sacred Embrace before you begin your tantric practice. Notice the shape your embrace—is it an A-Frame (chests are close, hips are apart)? Or is it a full body fit?

© Lokita Carter