What is ecstatic living?
Logan Rose

My mother was open about her sexuality. She was raised in France where women go topless on beaches and nudity is commonplace in advertising and public television. My mother brought me up that way, talking to me openly about sex. Whatever I wondered about, she explained things to me simply, truthfully and casually. As a young boy, my first experience of erotica was flipping through illustrations in my mother’s tantra books by Margot Anand. In hindsight, I attribute much of my sexual development and fun during my teens and early adulthood to my mother’s liberated views on sex.

Raised in North America, I discovered that others didn’t necessarily share my views on sex. Where I experienced happiness, some men and women confided to me their shame about their sexual desires and attractions. It wasn’t until later, during some 12 years in social work, that I began to understand how childhood sex education, religious indoctrination and the media impacted our sexual fulfillment and the overall quality of the pleasures we experience in our lives.

Today, through the Ecstatic Living Institute, I’m delighted to be working with an extraordinary team of certified SkyDancing Tantra teachers and sex educators who are dedicated to people experiencing sexual, spiritual and relational fulfillment in their lives. Yes, I’d say that’s what “ecstatic living” is all about!

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Logan Rose
Director of Ecstatic Living

© Logan Rose