What is real? “Who is this person looking back at me from the mirror?”
Lokita Carter


How often are we lost in thought? Thoughts dominate our lives. Our mind creates what we perceive as reality. We like some people, and not others. We find someone desirable and attractive, but not another person. We have all kinds of problems that seem unsolvable and make us miserable. We think we know exactly who we are. But we are robots led around by our mind. We are filled with conditioning, with values that we were brought up with, with attitudes that we think are justified and reasonable.

This practice is a personal investigation into what is real.

The Practice

Consider this statement, “That which disappears when you don’t think about it, is not real.“

Take a breath and let it sink in.

Consider it again, “That which disappears when I don’t think about it, is not real”.

What is real? What is here now?

Investigate this statement throughout the next few days. If you have a partner, talk with him or her about it, or talk to your friends. What is your answer? What is real for you?

Tantric Key

Bring this inquiry back to your body, and to your senses. When you have found what is real for you, notice if and how that effects everything that is not real!

© Lokita Carter