What Tantra Teaches About Life
Logan Rose

The rhythmic sound of your breathing… Breathing in, breathing out. Breathing in, breathing out. Like the sound of waves coming onto the shore, then receding, back into the ocean. Breathing in, breathing out.

In essence, life is made of these… in-breaths, out-breaths, cycling throughout our lives. This rhythmic cycling surrounds us… It is in our beating hearts, pulling in blood, pushing out blood; it is in the trees of the forests, pulling up water, pushing out water; it is in our days which become nights; it is in our high tides which become low tides; it is in our high times and low times; it is in our lovemaking —coupling and uncoupling— embracing and letting go.

Life cannot exist without these cycles. The cycling of our breaths, the cycling of our blood, the cycling of the rivers from the mountains into the oceans and back into the sky; the cycling of our days into our nights; the cycling of our times with our beloveds and our times without. Connecting, disconnecting, coupling, uncoupling, together and alone. Living and dying.

Suffering only exists in our attachment to some part of life’s rhythmic cycling… Trying to stay coupled and never uncoupled; trying to stay connected and never alone; trying to live good times and never bad; trying to stay young and never old. But this attachment is as futile as trying to breath in and never out. Trying to live ecstasy and never agony. Trying to live, and never die.

As echoed in the yin yang symbol, Osho once said, “For ecstasy, we have to pay in agony.” It is the resistance of the yin and yang of life, resisting the natural rhythms within our lives, that cause suffering.

Through the practice of Tantra, we discover the true art of ecstatic living; Tantra is to accept what is. In doing so, we open ourselves to our vitality, our love, our connection —to ourselves, to others, to everything.

The rhythmic sound of your breathing… Breathing in, breathing out. Like the sound of waves coming onto the shore, then receding, back into the ocean. The journey of each wave —like the journey of each of our lives— one day coming to shore and being no more, then receding back into the oneness of the ocean.

Each one of us —one wave, one life— one ocean.

*                 *                 *

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