What's wrong with you? A word about love
Logan Rose

Society can lead us to think there’s something wrong with us. We sleep too much, we sleep too little. We’re too skinny, we’re too fat. We’re too extroverted, we’re too introverted. We’re too frigid, we’re too horny. We’re too slutty, we’re too prudish. We’re too much in our heads, we’re too sentimental. We’re too emotional, we’re not in touch with our feelings enough. We’re too normal, we’re too weird.

In various ways, through pop culture, media, our families, psychiatry, and other influences, we can easily think there’s something wrong with us. But what if there’s nothing wrong with you? What if, since you were born, you’re perfect just the way you are?

If you’re a workaholic, and you enjoy yourself, there’s nothing wrong with you! If you’re a social-holic, and you’re happy, there’s nothing wrong with you! If you enjoy having sex ten times a day, and you love it, there’s nothing wrong with you! If you don’t like sex that much, there’s nothing wrong with you! If you’re gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, there’s nothing wrong with you!

By wondering what’s wrong with us, we can easily start wondering what’s wrong with others, other cultures, other countries, what’s wrong with the world. But what we, others, and the whole world need more than anything is love. Now more than ever is the time to love — to love yourself, others, everyone, and everything. Once you love yourself, don’t just stop at loving your partner, or your family, or your sports team, or your country — love everyone, and everything. All of humanity, all of society, all of life, everywhere.

And when you’ve loved the whole world, don’t stop there. Love our solar system. Love other solar systems, love our beautiful galaxy and all the life that might be there. Love the universe and all that it is composed of. And when you’ve loved as far as you can imagine, love yourself all over again. Your body, the cells that you are made up of, the atoms that your cells are made of, the small universes that your atoms are made of. Make love your meditation.

Yes, make love your meditation. Love yourself from the inside out, for you are the universe and the universe is you. And when you begin to live your life from this place, you become love. And in doing so, you and the whole world will transform — thanks to you.

Loving yourself truly, and all that surrounds you, transforms you. Your love transforms others around you, and they transform others around them. That’s how we change society, through ourselves. Each one of us, in love.

© Logan Rose