Why Donald Trump needs a Full-Body Orgasm
Logan Rose

What Donald Trump needs, and mostly all of our ladder-climbing politicians for that matter, is a great big and powerful, life-changing, full-body orgasm. Just one would do it. That kind of mind-blowing orgasm where time disappears, where life's ambitions and fears become meaningless, where one's identity is revealed for what it is — the greatest illusion of all, that we are separate.

When such a moment occurs, we feel in every part of our being that we are not separate from anyone nor anything. We breathe the same breath as our lover does, and together we are one with each other, ourselves, and everything. We understand for the first time, not so much with our minds, but with every fiber of our being, that we are one. In our ecstasy, we grok: we are not separate from nature; we are nature. We are not separate from our lover; we are each other. We are not separate from our humanity, we are the people. We feel at that moment every breath in the world, every orgasm, every life, every death, every joy and every pain.

And when this happens, we are forever changed. Thoughts of violence become foreign to us. Illusions of enemies dissolve. Our thoughts, our personal, interpersonal and world views, our words and our actions, transform.

Today, our political culture is dark with the illusion of separation. This illusion, which the military complex feeds on, darkens the thoughts of our politicians, and so they use words like, "fight", "destroy", "obliterate", "kill". This thinking, and the violence that it evokes in our society, has crept into our popular culture; it is now common to say to a friend who won a competition or was successful in an endeavor things like, "you killed it", "you murdered it", "you crushed it."

Imagine what our world would be like today if our politicians had spiritually satisfying sex lives! In this spiritual-sexual desert that is today's political culture, and our society at large, the Ecstatic Living Institute serves as an oasis — a place to find yourself in love, ecstasy, and community. And perhaps even, to experience a life-changing mind-blowing full-body orgasm!

© Logan Rose