SkyDancing® Tantra
Coach & Teacher Training (CTT)

The SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training (CTT) is a unique opportunity to learn how to contribute to others the teachings of SkyDancing® Tantra, one of the most advanced methods in the field of Tantra and sacred sexuality available today. This training is designed for dedicated people who work—or would like to work—with others to facilitate personal growth and ecstatic awakening in the growing area of relationships, sexuality, and spirituality.

  • Are you thinking about becoming licensed as a certified SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher?
  • Are you interested in learning tools that you can incorporate into a professional setting?
  • Do you wish to become a skilled and dynamic group leader in the field of Tantra?

This training is an adventure and an invitation to explore, practice, and integrate SkyDancing Tantra into all facets of life, whether or not you are planning on becoming a teacher. Over the period of one year, split into five Modules, you will:

  • Learn to share practices from SkyDancing Tantra with your clients in short events, private coaching sessions with couples and individuals, and in introductory weekend workshops.
  • Get a deep understanding of tantric philosophy and practice.
  • Explore teaching from your authentic self, using your own inner wisdom as the inspiration for your teaching.
  • Experience and learn what it means to be a transformational teacher and coach.
  • Develop the skills and insight needed for crafting transformational workshops and creating a safe, conducive environment for your sessions and events, including group facilitation methodology, approaches to assessing and shifting group dynamics.
  • Discover your own teaching and coaching voice through partnered and small-group learning lab sessions.
  • Learn to let your teaching arise from integrated life experience, presence in the moment, and intuitive responses to clients’ needs.

The CTT program presents sexual-spiritual practices for more advanced weekend seminars and deeper coaching sessions, and is designed for teachers and coaches who have significant experience and a thirst for becoming a true master teacher. The SkyDancing Tantra teacher embodies the teachings, and inspires their clients by blending content (what they teach), method (how they teach it), and authenticity (who they are). The CTT program is based on this premise, and creates an environment of personal and professional growth, and integration of the tantric way of being.

The Mission:

The mission of certified SkyDancing® Tantra Presenters, Coaches, and Teachers is to enlighten humanity by setting an example of a healthy and tantric way of life that connects the heart, the body, and the spirit. We practice and share the methods of SkyDancing Tantra with love, integrity, and ecstatic delight, bringing true equal spiritual partnership between men and women into our relationships.

The Teachers:

The next SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training (CTT) will be taught by a panel of the world’s leading SkyDancing Tantra Teachers, including Margot Anand (with Jim Benson co-teaching), Laurent Lacoste & Laurence Heitzmann (Europe), Cassidy Geppert & Mika Smith (USA), and Holly Rawson & Brian Ahern.

The Training Modules:

The SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training (CTT) consists of five Modules of one week each. You may take three or more Modules in order to progress towards the goal of becoming a certified SkyDancing Tantra Presenter, Coach, and Teacher, or you may choose to complete one or more Modules solely for personal and professional growth and development. At the end of Module 5, you will receive an “acknowledgement of completion,” which entitles you to use and share with individuals, couples, or groups the tools and methods you have learned. Completion of one or more Modules allows you to use the practices from the training in your professional and personal setting. However, the trademark “SkyDancing® Tantra” may be used only by those who successfully complete the optional SkyDancing Tantra Certification Program at the certification level of their choice.

The Certification Program:

Margot Anand’s groundbreaking body of work is carried by creative, responsible, and ethically motivated practitioners of SkyDancing Tantra who are dedicated to their spiritual growth. The SkyDancing Certification Program offers three levels of certification — SkyDancing® Tantra Presenter, Coach, and Teacher. To become certified and licensed to use the trademark “SkyDancing® Tantra” and make reference to “Margot Anand” in your offerings, completion of three to five Modules of the CTT is required as follows:

  • Modules 1, 2, 3: eligible to apply for SkyDancing® Tantra Presenter certification
  • Modules 1, 2, 3, 4: eligible to apply for SkyDancing® Tantra Coach certification
  • Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: eligible to apply for SkyDancing® Tantra Teacher certification

Prior to, during or following your enrollment in the CTT program, requirements for certification are as follows:

  • Fulfillment of assisting, coaching and teaching assignments and review
  • Participation in Cycles 1 through 2 or 1 through 3, of the Love & Ecstasy Training
  • Personal interview with Cassidy Geppert & Mika Smith (for certification in the USA) or Laurent Lacoste & Laurence Heitzmann (for certification outside the USA)

The Application Process:

The next SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training (CTT) will likely begin in 2020. A limited number of applicants will be accepted. This one-year course developed by Margot Anand is the ultimate professional Tantra Teacher and Coach certification program and is offered by SkyDancing Tantra Institute USA. Below are links to the descriptions of each Module:

To apply for the next SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training (CTT), a registration deposit is required for at least the first Module of the CTT program you wish to complete. Since space in each Module is limited, it is recommended that you register early to avoid disappointment. Once your deposit(s) are received, you will receive an application for enrollment. Your placement will be confirmed by email only once your application has been reviewed and your enrollment has been accepted. If you are not accepted into the CTT, your deposit(s) will be immediately refunded in full.

To proceed with the application process, choose the CTT Modules you wish to complete by viewing our trainings & certifications calendar. If you have any other questions, feel free to call our office at 707-987-3456 or visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

The next SkyDancing® Tantra Coach & Teacher Training (CTT) will begin in 2020. Completion of the Love And Ecstasy Training (LET)® Cycle 1 is required prior to applying for enrollment in the CTT. To reserve your space, please contact us.
“I wanted to thank you again for what you have done to help me and thousands of others transform our lives into a more blissful experience. It sounds so trite and simplistic, but it is true. As much as you have seen and heard I still don't think you fully grasp your impact that ripples across the planet. It is immeasurable. Your gifts to us all, and to those whom we touch is both curative and empowering. Thank you on behalf of us all.”
—Alan Revere (San Francisco, CA)
“I loved this [training] so much. I was overwhelmed by the incredible safe container that was created. Every exercise had exactly the right amount of ritual to make it perfect. There was exactly enough time to do exactly what our hearts and souls needed to really heal and feel safe. I have come back home so incredibly changed in so many ways. You created such phenomenal community and family... I am all in... I'd love to continue with all of the LETs and the Teacher Training. I feel so strongly that I'd love to offer this to everyone.”
—Katrina Bos (Toronto, ON)