Ecstatic Relationship™:
Igniting the Spark

Life partners for over 30 years, Kris & Meenal Kelkar who are known as the "Electric Couple" will tell you, “Great sex comes from great relationship.” Ecstatic Relationship: Igniting the Spark is a powerful experiential weekend for partnered and single people wishing to discover relationship-transforming tools to enhance their relationships to themselves, to others, and especially to intimate partnerships. 

Open to everyone. No previous experience necessary.

We all want connection and intimacy. We want to create the depth of connection and intimacy that we crave. Often we get stuck because relationships reflect aspects of ourselves that we have kept in shadow. Sometimes we hold back our authentic selves for fear of rejection or disconnection, causing resentment which further degrades connection. We have not been taught how to create relationships that are collaborative and generative.  

In the Ecstatic Relationship seminar, Kris and Meenal facilitate an exploration and an experience of what deep connection and intimacy feels like. In this fun and experiential seminar, through laughter and entertaining exercises, deep practices, and sharing of personal stories, you will  learn life-changing tools and philosophies to help convert your relationships into sources of power and awakening. The Ecstatic Relationship seminar will introduce you to the following:

  • The concept and facets of the Third in relationship
  • Transforming personal shadows that get triggered through relationship, into electricity
  • Cultivating the space between us in relationship, to add vibrancy
  • Creating collaborative spontaneous relationships through play
  • Practices and tools to help transform disconnection into intimacy

Ecstatic Relationship: Igniting the Spark is designed for people who are ready for more aliveness, love, and consciousness in their relationships and intimate partnerships.

Open to everyone (solo and partnered participants). No previous experience necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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“The Ecstatic Relationship™ course gave me tools for deeper and mutually pleasurable interactions in my intimate partnership as well as many other relationships.”
— LG
“Kris and Meenal share themselves intimately with vulnerability, giving me room for my humanity and what’s possible when one commits to a life of ecstatic living in relationship."
— BK
“Before I attended [the Ecstatic Relationship™ seminar], I was seeking to understand how to connect with my own feelings. I feel a deeper understanding of how to tune into myself now, and feel my intuition."
— GG
“Meenal and Kris share their depth of knowledge about relationship from their own practice and long term love, which helped me to understand and embody the teachings.”
— JM
“[Ecstatic Relationship™ was] an amazing exploration into tools to bring love, laughter, acceptance, connection and spirit into relationships.”
— BM
"I so valued the integrating exercises, concepts, and visualizations that synchronized so beautifully with teachings and practices I have experienced.”
— DT
“[Ecstatic Relationship™ was a] beautiful course, chock-full of gems. Kris and Meenal bring a wealth of knowledge and a bag full of tricks, rooted in deep practice. You can see the fruits of their long term practice... A truly inspiring teaching couple.”
— YG
“[Ecstatic Relationship™ was] very open and welcoming – a very safe and loving environment for exploration and personal growth. Thank you for your wisdom and hard work in presenting this. You are both clearly dedicated to helping people grow.”
— Grateful Participant
“[Ecstatic Relationship™ was an] excellent seminar for deeper exploration into personal growth. Thank you for sharing a space that was safe and supportive in which to be vulnerable and playful.”
— Grateful Participant
"We deeply appreciate your teaching and sharing of your knowledge with a sense that it will become a part of our lives as we share our own joy and love in this world."
— Lynne & Mordechai