Ecstatic Touch™:
for Couples

Would you like to learn how to be a skillful, multi-orgasmic lover who effortlessly rides the waves of sexual ecstasy and transforms lovemaking into a spiritual experience? Ecstatic Touch™ for Couples: The Art of Sexual Ecstasy takes the art form of Tantric pleasure to another level—infinite ecstasy… Everyone can learn how to access infinite pleasure, and in this weekend for couples we explore hands-on techniques to do just that —to expand our capacity for ecstasy and being multi-orgasmic while giving and receiving whole-body conscious touch. Through deepened connection, the difference between self and other dissolves into spiritual ecstasy. Come away with lifelong tools for intimacy and connection with your partner through the Ecstatic Touch™ for Couples: The Art of Sexual Ecstasy.

Open to partnered* participants only. Previous experience necessary.

During Ecstatic Touch for Couples, you will discover how to:

  •  Receive pleasure by giving pleasure
  •  Transform your sexual spark into a bonfire
  •  Become the master of your own ship
  •  Stay grounded and focused in waves of ecstasy
  •  Play with the balance of control and surrendering into bliss
  •  Cultivate deeper intimacy and trust with yourself and in your partnership

Together in your partnership you will create a sacred and magical realm of deep relaxation, profound pleasure, full presence and heightened sensation. You will then take home with you practical tools for extending pleasure and becoming more ecstatic in and out of the bedroom. The techniques learned become a stepping stone for you to access deep spiritual intimacy within yourself and your partnership. You will be able to practice over and over again what you have learned to transform each of your lovemaking occasions into an art.

Traveling to peaks of excitement and through valleys of relaxation, you will access your innate ecstatic source and find how easy it is to “be” your essence and connect on that level within your partnership.

Is this seminar right for you?

This Ecstatic Touch for Couples weekend is an advanced and intimate seminar for partnered* participants only. For you to get the most out of this seminar, we recommend that you first participate in our introductory Ecstatic Touch: The Art of Pleasure, or another of our introductory seminars, or have other related experience.

This Ecstatic Touch for Couples weekend is designed for people who are ready for more aliveness, love, and consciousness in their relationships and intimate partnerships.

Open to partnered* participants only. Previous experience necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

*Solo participants can choose (oftentimes while they are participating in our introductory weekend events) to find others to partner-up with (as "partnered friends" or "paired singles") in order to participate in this and other advanced weekend seminars.

No events currently scheduled. Please call us at 707-987-3456 for more information or check our events calendar.
“I am so impressed by the quality of instruction and the integrity of this organization.”
— MP (Santa Monica, CA)
“Great, strong experience among respectful, warm, welcoming participants and wonderful teachers.”
— Grateful Participant (NYC)
“[the Ecstatic Touch™ seminar series are] an excellent intimacy building tool for spiritual growth and relationships.”
— Liz M, Yoga Teacher
“Tantra has changed my life in the past four years. I came to Ecstatic Living to learn how to have better sex. I learned how to live my life as a creative and joyful act of making love.”
— Annette E (Salt Lake City)
“The weekend was wonderful—at 57 years, I am amazed to say that it transformed my experience of being male, and being orgasmic, plus it brought me even closer to my wife… and that after 36 years! It’s never too late to start on this path.”
—Mark M., Investment Manager
“Every couple who attends the Ecstatic Touch workshop will refine, deepen and extend their loving intimacy, and for those who think it’s too late, this could be the ray of hope and the cure for divorce.”
—John Kalb