Ecstatic Week™:

Ecstatic Week™: Panama vacation retreat offers you a beautiful opportunity for discovery, diving deep into Tantra and what it can bring to your life. In lush tropics of unparalleled beauty, Ecstatic Week: Panama opens you to deep personal transformation, ecstasy and connection to others, to yourself and nature. Treat yourself to an ecstatic week of Tantra, nature, adventure!

Ecstatic Week in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Experience a week relaxing, enjoying and practicing Tantra in tropical paradise. Listening to ocean waves, basking in warm waters, watching parrots flying overhead, monkeys in the trees, immersed in the beauty of a lush tropical forest. Ecstatic Week: Panama in Bocas del Toro will give you the opportunity to grow in unexpected ways, melting into relaxation, breath and awareness. Offered by Nisi & Thor Hann with guest Tantra teachers, you will discover an ecstatic week of depth and beauty, experiencing communication, yoga, kirtan music, and sublime Tantric practices.

Ecstatic Week: Panama takes place in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro on the Island of Bastimentos. This island and the water off of the island is home to “Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park”, and participants will have the opportunity to visit the park and snorkel or dive in the protected waters. The island has no roads or cars and boat transportations is the norm. The workshop venue is located a short boat ride away in an area called Los Pelícanos.  The private workshop space is perched on a hill opening to the jungle on one side and the ocean on the other.  

Participants will have time to explore the natural beauty of the area, snorkel in the pristine waters, visit an indigenous village or just relax in hammocks. In addition, a venue of exclusive excursion can be arranged by Al Natural Resort. The waters of the Zapatilla Keys, part of Isla Bastimentos National Park, are teeming with elk head coral and reef fish. If we’re lucky we’ll spot juvenile Hawksbill turtles as they scurry to the ocean in search of food.

Experience Ecstatic Week: Panama, a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience to find yourself in love, ecstasy, community.

Would you like to:

•  Spend a week in tropical paradise, meet like minded people and make new friends?

•  Practice and learn tantric exercises that increase your awareness and sensitivity to subtle life force energy?

•  Experience the natural beauty of a tropical ocean environment?

•  Feel the intensity of practicing in a private workshop in the jungle overlooking the ocean?

•  Learn communication tools to use in intimacy and daily life?

•  Spend a week honoring and nurturing your body?

Ecstatic Week in Bocas del Toro, Panama is open to everyone. No previous tantra experience is required. Whether you come solo or in a partnership, you will find this training to be an enlivening and nourishing experience.

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*Special Guest Teachers: David Petite, Kim Ploussard, Mirza Patail, and Emily Weer

No events currently scheduled. Please call us at 707-987-3456 for more information or check our events calendar.
“The teachers are so real, genuine, loving, wise and bring a wealth of resources and aliveness in all the practices. Weekend was filled with healing magic and blessings for me."
—Barbara Oceanlight
"Thor and Nisi radiate their teachings and the best Tantric values! They are developing a beautiful curriculum and expanding Skydancing in the U.S. I look forward to participating in more of their offerings!"
—Amy Revere
"Just a few words about last weekend's backpacking Tantra event in the Sierra's... I have always enjoyed being outdoors, hiking, and backpacking but I had never really considered what being surrounded by such beauty and awe would add to the Tantra experience. Nature and Tantra go hand in hand. Nisi & Thor have figured that out, and also have figured out how to smooth out the rough edges of the woods to make the two compatible. The trail they selected, the drop-down-gorgeous destination lake, the phenomenal weather, the banishment of all mosquitos all led to a beautiful trip. They picked, and as necessary, modified the Tantra exercises so that smooth granite substituted for soft cushions, sparkling fresh lake water substituted for a chlorinated swimming pool, rolled-up sleeping bags substituted for zafu's - it was great. Something about being up so high in the mountains brings a clarity and purity that dropping into bliss just came so naturally and simply. Nisi & Thor created a safe and nourishing environment for everyone. Their joyous and playful spirits are such great role models for both singles and couples. While backpacking is clearly not an activity that everyone in the Tantra community is interested in, or capable of, I am glad to see it offered as it opens up an entirely fresh approach for people who are so inclined."
—Lucy G
“Nisi and Thor are so open and loving and willing to share themselves and their passion. A True Inspiration."
—Dave Horn (musician)
“The warmth and how we were made to feel at ease. That they would take time away from themselves to guide others."
—Sandra Mumford
“The way they lead by example…The pure willingness to teach.”
—Ivan & Silvana Gozyalov (dentists)
“The ability to hold space for the group and teach at a pace that we could follow. Their teaching style is excellent.”
—Joy Taylor and Kirk Danilson
“Open hearts! Loving space holding; Generosity; Ability to listen; Humility; Authenticity; Beautiful working together. Their desire and love shine through beautifully” and “Very nice co-presenting and passing the baton back and forth”
—Amy and Alan Revere (San Francisco)
“Even though this was my first dynamic meditation of this type, I felt very comfortable and confident in the process with Thor & Nisi leading. It was a real experience!”
—Andrew DeMills (participant)
“Your clarity and energy you brought into the practice. Love it!”
—Wayne Greenway (Ecstatic Living participant)