Freedom Tantra™:
Find Yourself in Love!

Freedom Tantra events take place about once per quarter in the San Francisco Bay Area. These events are great way to get to know more about Ecstatic Living, its participants, assistants and teachers — and of course, a great way to make new friends! Each event is hosted by members of the Ecstatic Living Assisting Program and/or Ecstatic Living Tantra teachers.

Open to everyone (by invitation only).

At Freedom Tantra events, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet Ecstatic Living participants.
  • Get to know Ecstatic Living, its assistants and teachers.
  • Learn about Tantra and what it has to offer.
  • Connect with a Tantra community!
  • Make new friends!

With each Freedom Tantra event, you'll take home with you a greater understanding of what is Ecstatic Living and Tantra in general, and you'll deepen your connection to the Ecstatic Living community — a wonderful group of people exploring the art of living ecstatically on a day-to-day basis.

Freedom Tantra events are a fun and safe way to begin or to continue your Tantric journey. It's a great way for people new to  Tantra as well as graduates of our seminars to stay connected, make new friends, and contribute to our growing community.

Open to everyone (by invitation only).
For more information, or to receive an invitation, please call our office at 707-987-3456.
Frequently Asked Questions.

No events currently scheduled. Please call us at 707-987-3456 for more information or check our events calendar.