The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET)® (Cycle 1):
The Body Ecstatic & Sexual Healing

The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) is the ultimate in-depth training in sacred sexuality and Tantra available today. Tens of thousands of people worldwide have participated since its conception. The LET will change forever your experience of love and sex, giving you the opportunity to explore how your sexual energy can heal your body, open your heart and expand your spirit to states of profound unity and bliss. It is simply the most powerful, profound and life-transforming experience!

The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) is an intensive training experience, offering a container of safety in which to:

  • Unveil your gifts as an extraordinary Tantric Lover
  • Open to greater physical and sexual pleasure
  • Learn to relax in high states of arousal
  • Discover and communicate how you like to be loved
  • Expand to new horizons of ecstasy and bliss
  • Let go of old limitations
  • Bring the sacred into your love life
  • Integrate Tantra into your everyday life
  • Weave all aspects of your life into a harmonious balance

The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) takes place over three separate weeks (Cycles 1-3), several months apart. It is designed to go deep, not simply teaching new techniques for building intimacy and accessing ecstatic states, but introducing a practice that can produce significant changes in your whole being.

The time between each Cycle of the LET assists you in incorporating the practices into your daily life. The opening into new experiences and sensations is deepened through repetition. Between each of the LET Cycles, you are encouraged to meet with your fellow participants, your new family of SkyDancers, to practice together and teach each other what you have learned so far. This further prepares you for deeper, higher experience during the following Cycles.

While it is recommended to attend all Cycles in the same year, it is not required. You can take Cycle 1 one year, and Cycle 2 another year, and Cycle 3 another year, if that better suits your circumstances.

In the LET, you will:

  • Learn how to love yourself more and enhance your self esteem as a lover
  • Heal old sexual wounds
  • Learn the art of positive, successful communication in sexuality
  • Understand the healing power of rituals and sacred ceremonies in the context of lovemaking
  • Feel that sexual loving is a spiritual empowerment and thus needs to be treated with devotion and respect
  • Learn the art of sexual ecstasy step by step all the way to the experience of a whole body orgasm
  • Understand the energy of the chakras or “energy centers” through which we can access: passion, flow, power, love, clear communication, clear vision and the ecstasy of the spirit
  • Experience ecstatic states and integrate them into your love life and your everyday life

The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) is open to everyone (ages 18 to 80). Whether you come solo or partnered, you will find this training to be an enlivening and nourishing experience. Partnered participants may choose to work within their partnership and/or with solo participants. Solo participants usually work with other solos and/or with partnered participants who invite them. Together you will discover the secrets of meeting each other on a level of intimate trust and understanding.

Prerequisite: Completion of a weekend seminar taught by licensed SkyDancing Tantra teachers serves as prerequisite to participate in the Love & Ecstasy Training (LET) Cycle 1. Some exceptions may apply.

Review all cycles and upcoming dates for the Love & Ecstasy Training.

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I have tremendous admiration for Margot Anand's body of teachings and that her lineage is kept with such profound respect. As well, having been a lifelong dancer, I appreciate that the training is embodied and experiential. The structure of the training is excellent and was led with incredible skill and sensitivity towards deeper and deeper intimacy. Cassidy and Mika are shining examples of authentic and embodied practitioners of this art. Their deep understanding of their craft combined with an unpretentious and relaxed manner full of humor radiate a sense of fruition. By being so genuinely present, we trust them. This allows deep opening which was so evident in the community.
—Irini Rockwell, The Five Wisdoms Institute
“I am so impressed by the quality of instruction and the integrity of this organization.”
— MP (Santa Monica, CA)
"What a beautiful and fantastic retreat. I could write and share so much of how it has synthesized my experience and perspective of life, energy, love and transformation. Thank you and keep up your great work.”
—Karl Schmidt, Community College Music Instructor & Choral Conductor (Sunnyvale, CA)
"Thank you for an amazing week! Because of the extraordinary skill you applied to the group process, you made it possible for me (and, from what I saw, everyone) to reach incredible depths and heights in our personal process. I came a long way over the course of the training, and I have continued to create positive changes in myself and my life since the training concluded. I am very grateful to be working with you, and I am very happily looking forward to Cycle 2."
— Bianca W (WA)
“The Love & Ecstasy Training is an amazing life-transforming course that gave me the capacity to be more fully present in my body, as a person and express myself more authentically and ecstatically in all kinds of situations. It has healed emotional and sexual traumas and gave me self confidence and trust as a lover.”
—Christina de Jongh, Life Coach (California)
“I highly recommend the Love & Ecstasy Training as part of your evolution of consciousness. This workshop will educate you, stimulate you, tickle you and engage your body, mind and spirit. Give yourself this gift of ecstasy and expand your whole being.”
—Kristina Keaveney, Therapist (Canada)
“Your work continues to be consistently magical. Each time I spend time in one of your workshops, I come away feeling more centered, awake and empowered. Ok, and more beautiful! Each time I also think it couldn’t get any better and then it does!”
—Vicki Reiner, Spiritual Teacher (California)
"The Love & Ecstasy Training Cycle 1 has opened every channel of my energy source more than I could have hoped for. I am tingly, happy, strong, brave, able to own my emotions within the heightened awareness of my entire body. This training exceeded what I had hoped for, connecting to the inner Goddess and God that is within each of us. I am looking forward to the next 2 cycles of training and living more ecstatically. I want the sizzle in my life — mindful blissfulness in as many moments as I can have. To quote a master, "Riding the wave of bliss during the last third of my life." The best time of my life is yet to come!"
— Deb E (Minneapolis)