Passion in the Pandemic (online)
6-Week Series to Deep Connection

Has being cooped up with your partner for months created relationship challenges? Are you wanting deeper connection but not sure how to get it?

In China, after the Pandemic eased in March, the divorce rate surged. We know that distance can make the heart grow fonder. Too much togetherness and stress can cause considerable relationship strife.

But here’s the silver lining. Your new living situation also provides you the opportunity to deepen your connection. Slowing down the pace of life and spending more time together as a couple provides lots of possibilities for strengthening your relationship. It may have also shown you areas for improvement.

Passion in the Pandemic, a virtual interactive intimacy workshop will help your relationship grow and flourish. You will also learn how to create a dynamic sexual relationship that will last a lifetime.

Whether you’ve been together 30 days or 30 years, this workshop will help you to:
• Deepen your connection and intimacy
• Strengthen your communication
• Add more passion into your relationship
• Make sex pressure-free and fun

Week 1: Boundaries & Attunement
• Create and maintain healthy and loving boundaries
• Attune to and get in-synch with your partner
• Practice tools to deepen connection and intimacy

Week 2: Communicate Your Heart’s and Body’s Desires
• Essential communication skills that will keep your relationship on track
• Create safety around emotional conversations
• How to ask for and get what you want in the bedroom

Week 3: Tantalizing, Teasing Touch
• Touching for your own pleasure
• Creating erotic tension through touch
• Explore sensation play

Week 4: Building Erotic Energy
• How to romance and seduce your partner
• Love language
• Connect with different types of energy

Week 5: Tantra Love-Making
• Tantra 101
• Basic Tantric practices
• Tantra for lovers

Week 6: Core Desires
• What drives your desires around sex
• Learn the emotions behind your desires
• Explore your turn ons and fantasies

Open to all genders, sexual orientations and relationship configurations (with or without previous Tantra experience).

Passion in the Pandemic (online) is a 6-week workshop that takes place between 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Eastern Time in the USA) on the following dates:
• Week 1 —Wednesday, Aug 26
• Week 2 —Wednesday, Sep 2
• Week 3 —Wednesday, Sep 9
• Week 4 —Wednesday, Sep 16
• Week 5 —Wednesday, Sep 23
• Week 6 —Wednesday Sep 30

• $397 per couple (for all 6 modules)

• $80 per couple (per module)

Payment & Cancellation Terms:
Registration cancellation requests are only accepted by email, and are only confirmed by email. Although payments are non-refundable, if you cancel your registration more than 30 days in advance, we are happy to issue you a credit voucher for the full amount you have paid. If you cancel your registration more than 15 days in advance, we will issue you a credit voucher for 50% of the amount you have paid. Otherwise, no credit will be offered. Credit vouchers are non-transferrable and valid for one year only.

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