Timeless Loving® (Level 2):
SkyDancing® into Bliss

As Osho once explained, for millennia meditators escaped into the mountains to avoid love, and lovers avoided meditation, thinking it would dissolve their lover’s passion... But in truth, when two in meditation become one in love, passion becomes endless.

In Timeless Loving (Level 2): SkyDancing into Bliss, you will discover “The Wave”, a transformational tantric practice to enrich your spiritual-sexual intimacy. Using ecstatic sensual touch, energy and gentle breathing practices, you will connect with yourself and in partnership in ways that create deep communion and balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of being in relationship with yourself and others. You will discover how to become one with yourself and in partnership within and beyond the sexual context, experiencing the deep connection between love and meditation.

You will take home with you an amazing tantric treasure to enrich your life and loving — a complete spiritual practice that can be used regularly in lovemaking, meditation, conflict resolution and countless other ways.

Our Timeless Loving (Level 2) seminars are open to partnered* participants only with or without Tantra experience who desire to deepen their spiritual journey, personal growth and relationships. Partnered participants and "partnered friends"* will work together exclusively during intimate practices. 

About Love & Meditation

“The meditators have been escaping to the mountains to avoid love, and the lovers never bothered about meditation because they knew that if they meditated their love life would be finished. It has been one of the longest fallacies humanity has lived with. Love is a silence, a joy, a peace, a blissfulness between two persons. But because there are two persons, sometimes they don’t match.

Meditation is the same experience of silence and peace and bliss—but alone. But if two meditators are in love, then things come to the highest peak. If one meditator can reach to a certain peak in his blissfulness, in his silence, two meditators who love each other can become an immense support to each other’s flight into the unknown. Their love can become a nourishment to their meditation, and vice-versa, their meditation can become a nourishment to their love.” ~Osho, The Golden Future, Talk #31

Timeless Loving (Level 2) is designed for people who are ready for more aliveness, love, and consciousness in their relationships and intimate partnerships.

Open to partnered* participants only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

*Solo participants can choose (oftentimes while they are participating in our introductory weekend events) to find others to partner-up with (as "partnered friends" or "paired singles") in order to participate in this and other advanced weekend seminars.

"Thank you to Kai and Steve for [Timeless Loving® (Level 2)] a wonderful weekend filled with love, respect, vulnerability and awareness. What an amazing group of beautiful people. We fell in so deep so quickly I didn’t want it to end."
— WG
“I do not have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to properly express my feelings about the [Timeless Loving® (Level 2) seminar]. So let me say, THANK YOU for providing a space for deep healing and for providing a template of a way of being sexually that is radically different from all I have ever known and offers a path that I have been hoping existed. Blessings.”
—Dr. Walter Crinnion, ND
“Delightful, playful and transformative.”
— Grateful Participant (San Francisco, CA)
“This workshop was a beautiful and expansive way for my partner and I to tap into more love, vulnerability, and sensuality. Thank you!”
— Shana James, Relationship & Dating Coach
“I am so impressed by the quality of instruction and the integrity of this organization.”
— MP (Santa Monica, CA)
"The most sacred, intimate practice I’ve ever done. I love this experience. It brought my beloved and I to new heights of closeness.”
— Heidi Love, Relationship & Intimacy Therapist
"[Kai and Steve] are an amazing combo! So loving, affirming, expansive, honest, human… Thank you!"
— SJ
"[Timeless Loving® (Level 2) was] amazing! A flow in the way [Kai and Steve] teach together. Knowledgeable, open, skilled, and spiritually connected. My honor and joy to learn and receive from you!"
— PC
"[Timeless Loving® (Level 2) was] such an amazing experience. [Kai and Steve] were so incredible. Such caring knowledge, and you communicated so well."
— GM
"Thank you for a wonderful, loving, respectful, informative, fun and ecstatic workshop! It was lovingly healing and expansive!"
— ST
“The more we absorbed, the more we wanted. The more we wanted, the more enticed we were to incorporate all that we learned in this [Timeless Loving® (Level 2)] workshop to our home. The more we practice in our sacred space at home, the more we can share it with everyone around us.”
—Mary Jane Hoppes (The Dancer, WA)