Tropical Tantra® Coaching:
in Costa Rica with Lokita Carter

Give yourself and your beloved the gift of undivided attention to one another during a week in paradise — improving your relationship, communication, sexual intimacy, heart connection and your spiritual life together. Join Lokita Carter for an exclusive and private Tropical Tantra® Coaching program tailored to your specific needs, while enjoying a week in breathtaking Playa Montezuma, Costa Rica. This is a rare opportunity to study in person with a leading teacher of SkyDancing Tantra.

Whether you want to address specific issues in your relationship, learn skills for creating more pleasure in your love life, or are simply curious to discover how Tantra can enrich your life and loving, a week with Lokita in Costa Rica will likely be exactly what you are looking for!

Explore Tantra in a private vacation setting with your partner. Free from external distractions, you can focus entirely on each other and your relationship.

Experience and learn practices chosen especially for you. After consulting with you, Lokita will design your personalized coaching program, drawing on her vast experience with practicing and teaching Tantra for over 30 years.

Receive guidance and inspiration that is specific to your relationship. Each relationship is unique, and whatever you bring to the coaching program can be celebrated, addressed and improved.

Deepen the connection and intimacy with your partner. It is so easy to lose touch with each other in the waves of daily life and responsibilities! Reconnect and learn how to create intimacy even when you seem too busy with “life”.

Re-ignite the spark between you and fan your flames of passion. Let down your hair, loosen up and play as you explore, experiment and refresh that which brought you together in the first place!

Learn practices that will bring spiritual meaning to your loving and daily life. Tantra includes the premise that sexuality is a doorway to the divine, but it is about so much more than sex. It includes our whole life, and every moment can become a sacred, spiritual experience!

Enrich your own spiritual well-being. All relationships begin with ourselves. Some of the practices in the coaching program allow you as individuals to get in touch with your inner truth and cultivate that which brings you pleasure. When we are deeply grounded in our own experience of life, our relationships improve dramatically and blossom.

Enjoy a fantastic vacation in paradise, with a purpose. Imagine how nice it will be to get away from it all, with the mission to share more and deeper love with your partner, as you relax in sensuality and tropical bliss.

How does it work? During the week, there will be one Tantra session of approximately three to four hours, usually in the mornings. On some days there may be two sessions instead. Then, you will receive “homeplay” - practices selected for you to explore, deepen and integrate your new skills in the privacy of your lodging. One full day in the middle of the week is reserved for integration.

After the Week: Upon completion of the coaching week, you will receive a personalized practice program designed for you by Lokita so that you can continue your tantric practice at home. Online coaching with Lokita is recommended as a follow-up (for an extra fee), to help you maintain the commitments you make during the Tropical Tantra Coaching week.

Lokita's available dates are listed in the column at the top right. If you have other dates in mind, please contact Lokita directly.

“Lokita, the experience with you during the private coaching retreat was one of the most profound therapeutic experiences of my life (and I have had many), and I will always be thankful for your energy, presence and wisdom.”
— Carl & Victoria, psychotherapists, NY
“The private coaching retreat was challenging, healing, and ultimately liberating. My guy and I feel very close to each other. Our sex is great, and above all, we have new techniques to communicate honestly and with love, to understand each other better.”
— Rob & Susanne, Denver, CO
"This is the best investment in terms of time and money that we ever made into our marriage. We arrived on the rocks and are now in 7th heaven. Lokita is an outstanding teacher and guide who inspired us to open up to each other in ways we could not have imagined possible.”
— Steven & Mariah, Sydney, Australia
"Words cannot accurately describe our experience with Lokita in Costa Rica, but we’ll try. Lokita made our stay comfortable, peaceful and safe so we could truly be present. We both had very little, if any, experience with Tantra. The tantric practices and meditations Lokita taught us opened up and cleared deep emotional holding that had got in the way of unconditional love for ourselves and each other. We now have many tools to get to the truth and raw life-force inside of us, and are committed to share it with each other in healthy, expanding ways and navigate our everyday lives and intimacy with awareness, acceptance and passion. Our relationship has grown in love, trust and pleasure in ways we did not know possible. Lokita is a remarkable teacher, and we highly recommend this experience to any couple seeking new depth, expansion, and more love in their relationship." 
— Corina & James (Chicago)
"After 47 years of being married, raising two daughters now living independently, and retiring from our full time careers, my husband and I decided that it was time for a reset in our relationship. In only one week of being coached by Lokita in her amazing place in Costa Rica, we renewed our commitment and love for each other, began the process of rediscovering and appreciating each other anew, and learned timeless and proven practices for deepening intimacy. We got out of the rut of worn-out habits, and are feeling like newlyweds on our honeymoon, full of curiosity about each other and excited about having fun in our life together."
— Reg & Elizabeth Haines (Columbus, OH)
"We deeply appreciate your teaching and sharing of your knowledge with a sense that it will become a part of our lives as we share our own joy and love in this world."
— Lynne & Mordechai
"Your work is amazing and you contribute so much to open people to more love!"
— The late Dr Stan Dale, founder and director of the Human Awareness Institute (HAI)
“Fantastic, unique, sensitive, consistent, attentive, professional, flexible, exciting, intense, instructive, loving, individual, effective. Our Tantra coaching time in Costa Rica was a gift at the right time, a time full of wonder."
— Dani & Hans, engineers