Ecstatic Lover™:
Attraction & Discovery
Oct 12-14, 2018
EarthRise at IONS
Petaluma, CA
Whether Romeo and Juliet, Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara, Don Juan or Pepe le Pew, the archetype of "The Lover" remains strong in our psyches. The Lover conjures up a character who is crazy-charismatic, hypnotizes with romantic language and blazing kisses, someone who is fluent in the arts of lovemaking, someone who awakens passion, passion, and more passion. But what if this archetype could be learned? What if the Lover's qualities could be called into your own life?
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Event Info

Teachers: Kai Wu & Xanet Pailet

Start: Friday, Oct 12, 2018, at 6pm with registration/dinner

End: Sunday, Oct 14, 2018, at 12pm, followed by lunch

Cost: $675-875 per person includes:

  • seminar
  • delicious and wholesome meals (Friday dinner to Sunday lunch)
  • full access to EarthRise amenities (including its spectacular land, large outdoor spa overlooking nature, hiking trails, and much more)
  • lodging options (listed below)

Lodging Options: The majestic EarthRise at IONS offers cozy accommodations surrounded by nature and just a short walk from a secluded outdoor spa overlooking beautiful scenery of native lands. All accommodations offer shared bathrooms. It is recommended that you register early to obtain the lodging of your choice.

  • RSBC: $675 tuition and meals + $100 lodging = $775 per person in double-occupancy room with one full/queen bed (for couples)
  • RSB2: $675 tuition and meals + $100 lodging = $775 per person in double-occupancy room with two twin beds
  • RSB1: $675 tuition and meals + $200 lodging = $875 per person in single-occupancy room with two twin beds
  • Commuter: $675 tuition and meals + $0 lodging = $675 per person (if you plan to stay outside EarthRise)

Deposit: $350 per person; full payment due for registrations on or after Sep 12, 2018.

EarthRise at IONS

IONS (the Institute of Noetic Sciences) was founded in 1973 by NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Pioneering in the work of human consciousness research — exploring ancient wisdom traditions, supporting experiential learning, and engaging in modern scientific inquiry — IONS is the home of EarthRise. In a truly magnificent natural setting, EarthRise at IONS is the ideal venue for our Ecstatic Living seminars.

EarthRise is a beautiful setting to commune with nature and experience ecological awareness that fosters self-reflection and personal growth. The campus is a place where we integrate theory and practice, science and spirituality, renewal and retreat.

Event Organizer:

Ecstatic Living Institute
844-987-3456 (within the USA) or 707-987-3456 (internationally)

Meals: Our EarthRise at IONS chef is pleased to offer a wholesome farm-to-table menu that includes fish or poultry at dinner as well as delightful vegetarian options. Menus are imaginative and eclectic, nourishing the body, soothing the soul, and warming the heart. Tuition includes all meals (Friday dinner to Sunday lunch, including snacks and hot/cold drinks).

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