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Love & Ecstasy Training (Cycle 4):
Sexual Magic with Margot Anand
May 6-13, 2018
EarthRise at IONS
Petaluma, CA
The Love & Ecstasy Training (LET) is the ultimate in-depth training in sacred sexuality and Tantra available today. Tens of thousands of people worldwide have participated in its cycles since its conception. Created by Margot Anand, the LET will change forever your experience of sexual loving and give you the opportunity to explore how your sexual energy can heal your body, open your heart and expand your spirit to states of unity and bliss.
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The Love & Ecstasy Training (LET) is the ultimate in-depth course in embodying the skills of tantric lovemaking. Love can be an art form, and you can live more creatively when you integrate Margot Anand’s renowned SkyDancing Tantra, the path to bliss, into your daily life.

In Cycle 1, you purified and healed the body, going deep into peace and your ecstatic truth.

In Cycle 2, you continued opening the energetic and spiritual pathways into higher states of consciousness and ecstatic bliss, and practiced the art of orgasm.

In Cycle 3, you discovered advanced practices from the SkyDancing Tantra method that guided you into omnipresent awareness, "being" in the essence of everything in and around you.

In Cycle 4: Sexual Magic, Margot Anand will reveal to you alchemical teachings that she has never offered before in the Americas. Diving deeply into advanced SkyDancing Tantra practices, Margot Anand will reveal to you how to become an alchemist of your life — shaping and forming your life as you desire through the beauty and art of sexual magic.

You are the alchemist, who can invoke and channel the energy that pulsates above you, who can bring it down to earth and, in so doing, give it shape and form in accordance with your will and your intention.

— Margot Anand

"Magic" is a science that is thousands of years old. It is based on the understanding of the "energy charge" — the art of imbuing a vision, a ritual, an invocation with power to manifest that which you desire in all aspects of your life.

One of the most potent energy charges occurs during lovemaking. Desire is the motor of life. When the most powerful human energy charge — orgasm — is used as the motor to ride your desire to its manifestation, you cultivate in yourself the Art of Sexual Magic; when you plant a seed in the fertile field of bliss, that seed will grow more easily to its fruition.

In the Skydancing approach, we learn to cultivate the orgasmic charge all the way to bliss while planting the seed of what you want to manifest. This is the Art of Sexual Magic. The process is then refined to be continued independently of the sexual context which is replaced by the energy charge produced by Tantric active meditations, particularly through the chakras (energy centers).

Prerequisite: Completion of LET Cycles 1-3 is recommended, but not required. While registrations shall be processed in the order they arrive, participants who have completed more Cycles of the LET shall be prioritized. Participants who have not completed LET Cycles 1-3 may be waitlisted. LET Cycle 4 with Margot Anand will sell out (space is limited), therefore it is recommended that you register promptly to avoid disappointment.

EarthRise at IONS

IONS (the Institute of Noetic Sciences) was founded in 1973 by NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Pioneering in the work of human consciousness research — exploring ancient wisdom traditions, supporting experiential learning, and engaging in modern scientific inquiry — IONS is the home of EarthRise. In a truly magnificent natural setting, EarthRise at IONS is the ideal venue for our Ecstatic Living seminars.

EarthRise is a beautiful setting to commune with nature and experience ecological awareness that fosters self-reflection and personal growth. The campus is a place where we integrate theory and practice, science and spirituality, renewal and retreat.

Event Organizer:

Ecstatic Living Institute
844-987-3456 (within the USA) or 707-987-3456 (internationally)

Meals: Our EarthRise at IONS chef is pleased to offer a wholesome farm-to-table menu that includes fish or poultry at dinner as well as delightful vegetarian options. Menus are imaginative and eclectic, nourishing the body, soothing the soul, and warming the heart. Tuition includes all meals (Friday dinner to Sunday lunch, including snacks and hot/cold drinks).

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Tuition & Lodging Options

Tuition: $1975 per person includes:

Lodging Options: The beautiful EarthRise at IONS offers cozy accommodations surrounded by nature and just a short walk from a secluded outdoor spa overlooking beautiful scenery of native lands. All accommodations offer shared bathrooms. It is recommended that you register early to obtain the lodging of your choice. 

To inquire about single-occupancy lodging options (for an additional $225) call us at 707-987-3456.

Deposit: $750 per person; full payment due for registrations on or after March 6, 2018.

Daily Schedule & Timing

Daily Schedule: There will be a morning meditation, and 2 to 3 sessions each day. In the breaks between the sessions you will have enough time to enjoy a leisurely meal, a rest, a walk, the spa, and more.

Timing: This cycle begins on Sunday, May 6th, 2018 at 6:30pm with dinner followed by an evening session, and ends on Sunday, May 13th, 2018 at 12:30pm followed by lunch. You may arrive at EarthRise as early as 5:00pm on May 6th and stay until 1:30pm on May 13th, 2018.

Payment Terms & Refund Policy

Balance due: For LET Cycle 4, the balance is due Mar 6, 2018.

Refund Policy: Cancelations are only accepted by email, and only confirmed by email. For cancelations more than 60 days prior to this event, a full refund applies less a $500 per person cancelation fee. Due to non-refundable funds committed on your behalf for venue, catering and other fees, payments are non-refundable for cancelations 30 days or less prior to this event. However, all cancelations are considered on a case by case basis and, under extenuating circumstances, we may at our discretion offer a partial refund and/or credit towards select events sponsored by the Ecstatic Living Institute. Such refunds and/or credits are typically issued during the week following the event.

How to Register

LET Cycle 4 with Margot Anand will sell out (space is limited), therefore it is recommended that you register promptly to avoid disappointment.

To register online, please complete the form below. To register by phone, call us at 844-987-3456 (within the USA) or 707-987-3456 (internationally). Once registered, a registration confirmation will be emailed to you. Closer to the time of this LET, you will receive all pertinent logistical details.

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