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Come home to your body. Expand the love and pleasure in your life. Embrace who you are truly meant to be.
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Kai Wu is your personal guide in the realms of love, sex and intimacy.

No matter how long it's been or how improbable it seems or how stuck you feel, progress and transformation are possible. Using a unique holistic, body-based, experiential approach, you can learn the skills you need so you can finally have the love, sex and relationships you truly want. I invite you to come home to your body, expand the love and pleasure in your life, and embrace who you're truly meant to be.

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Contact us to schedule a free 15-minute consultation via phone or Zoom Video with Kai. She would love to speak with you about your life and goals related to love, sex, & intimacy.

During coaching sessions with Kai, you can expect to work on:
• Healing your past
• Transforming and claiming your future
• Deepening a sense of belonging to your community, your friends, your family
• Heal personal and inter-generational patterns, challenges and traumas
• Increasing the vitality, creativity and regenerative energy not just in your body, but in all areas of your life

"The work I've done with Kai has opened me up to experiencing bodily pleasure in all its forms.  She has helped change my perception of what real pleasure can be."  —Amy, British Columbia, Canada

Open to couples and individuals with or without previous Tantra experience who are looking for help in love, sex and relationship.

Payment & Cancellation Terms:
Payment is fully refundable up to 48 hours prior to your appointment. Otherwise, your payment will be converted to a one-time credit with your coach (valid for one year).

Online Coaching

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, online events, workshops and coaching are increasingly popular on Zoom! Ecstatic Living is happy to offer a growing selection of online offerings that explore tools for living an ecstatic life!

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Love, Sex & Intimacy Coaching (online) - Kai Wu
January 1, 2023
Online Coaching
July 23, 2020
Full Access (including after-event dance) | Introduction Only (ends at 9:30pm)
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