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Especially in this scary, extreme time of the global pandemic it can be challenging to be gentle and caring with ourselves and our lover. In Lokita Carter’s Tantra Coaching Online you will learn tantric practices to nourish yourself, bring deeper connection and intimacy to your life and relationship, and enrich your experience of sexuality, spirituality and love.
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Tantric practices open you to a new awareness of what is truly important, and how precious every moment really is. Getting out of the head and into the body helps you to be more present for yourself and with your beloved.

• Discover practices that bring you closer to each other - emotionally, physically and spiritually.
• Explore communicating your needs in new ways so you can be more fulfilled and happier.
• Address and overcome any challenges in your relationship, and move beyond them.
• Receive inspiration on making Tantra part of your sexual loving and everyday life.

Now is the time to rise in love with yourself, rise in love with your partner, and rise in love with life over and over again!

Open to couples with or without previous Tantra experience.

Coaching sessions are 50 or 90 minutes long, take place on Zoom Video and may include some pre-recorded video demonstrations of key Tantric practices.

Payment & Cancellation Terms:
Payment is fully refundable up to 48 hours prior to your appointment. Otherwise, your payment will be converted to a one-time credit with your coach (valid for one year).

Online Coaching

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, online events, workshops and coaching are increasingly popular on Zoom! Ecstatic Living is happy to offer a growing selection of online offerings that explore tools for living an ecstatic life!

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Tantra Coaching Online - Lokita Carter
January 1, 2023
Online Coaching
July 23, 2020
Full Access (including after-event dance) | Introduction Only (ends at 9:30pm)
125 | 75
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