Frequently Asked Questions
1. Who can participate in your events?
2. If we participate as a couple, can we work together exclusively?
3. What if I'm single? Can I still participate?
4. Are your events pair-balanced?
5. If I come as a single, will you provide me a partner?
6. What are "partnered friends" or "paired singles”?
7. Will there be nudity?
8. Will there be sex?
9. Are Ecstatic Living and SkyDancing Tantra seminars just about sex?
10. What if I'm uncomfortable doing an exercise?
11. May I partner-up with the same gender?
12. Are your events open to people from the LGBT+ community?
13. Do you offer private instruction?
14. Does your private instruction offer hands-on work?
15. What sort of things are we going to do?
16. What is the general age-range of people in your seminars?
17. What is “indoor camping”?
18. What music, books, DVD's, etc., do you recommend?
19. Do you offer discounts or scholarships for those who need financial assistance?
20. What if I have more questions?