SkyDancing Tantra Coaching

SkyDancing Tantra Coaching

Would you like to learn tools to be more intimate with your partner? Do you feel that a workshop setting where there’s many other people is not right for you? Would you like to re-ignite the spark between you, fan your flame of passion, and improve your relationship and daily life while you have a relaxing time away from it all experiencing and practicing Tantra?

Whether you want to address specific issues in your relationship, learn skills for creating more pleasure in your love life, or simply find out what Tantra is about, private SkyDancing Tantra coaching might be what you are looking for.

We begin our time together by co-designing with you a program specifically aimed at your desires and needs. Tantra sessions take place during the day. Once your sessions are complete, you can go back to your accommodation and integrate and play with the new insights and ideas you have gained.

Programs can be longer or shorter, or over more days—whatever suits you. This is your time, and your coach is there to assist you to make the most of your experience and to enjoy each other!

1/2 Day Package: $1375 (for couples or singles) includes a 2-hour morning session, followed by a complimentary lunch, and a 2-hour afternoon session. This package also includes a 30-minute follow-up session by phone to answer any questions that may have arisen and/or revisit any exercises where you need more instruction. To add more time to your personalized Tantra program, see below.

Hourly Rates: $275/hour (in person), $175/hour (by phone or Skype).

Bookings: Tantra coaching is available on weekdays and some weekends. If you have any questions, or would like to book a session, please call our office at 707-987-3456.

A note about hands-on work

In our private SkyDancing Tantra coaching sessions, our coaches offer techniques and tools to become more intimate with your partner and learn more about Tantra. In this professional role, our SkyDancing Tantra coaches are not available to touch clients or have any form of instructional sexual activity with them.

Other types of coaching

Some of our Ecstatic Living teachers offer private coaching through their own independent coaching practice which is not affiliated with SkyDancing Tantra. If you choose to book an Ecstatic Living teacher through their independent practice, please contact them directly.

"We deeply appreciate your teaching and sharing of your knowledge with a sense that it will become a part of our lives as we share our own joy and love in this world." —Lynne & Mordechai
"Thank you for the fantastic tantric massage personal coaching. We had a special time and will remember it fondly. You are patient and giving trainers, and your flexibility really allowed Becky and I to achieve exactly what we wanted to achieve." —Randy & Becky