Links & Resources

► Music, Viewing & Reading: visit the SkyDancing Tantra Institute’s online store.

For further online reading, we recommend these sites:

Lokita Carter – stay in touch with Lokita Carter, cofounder of the Ecstatic Living Institute.

► SkyDancing Tantra Institute USA – read more about SkyDancing Tantra, and find a certified Presenter or Teacher for an introductory weekend in your area.

► Margot Anand – read more about Margot Anand, founder of SkyDancing Tantra.

► Osho – learn about Osho who has greatly inspired Steve & Lokita Carter, Margot Anand and their teachings.

► Omega Institute – read about Omega Institute in NY where Steve & Lokita Carter taught for many years. Since its inception, Omega has been a pioneer in the field of holistic studies and has been known as a place where people from all over world come for a personal growth retreat.

► Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR – A rustic and beautiful retreat center in the old growth forest in Oregon, near Lake Detroit, 1 hr East of Salem.

Graduates of the SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training:

The following independent individuals are officially licensed by the USA SkyDancing Tantra Institute to teach SkyDancing Tantra. These individuals have completed various educational requirements, and have signed and are committed to the SkyDancing Tantra Ethical Guidelines that uphold the integrity for representing  SkyDancing Tantra:

The following independent individuals completed the training but are not currently officially licensed:

For a complete list, visit the USA SkyDancing Tantra Institute here.