Tropical Tantra® Coaching:
in Costa Rica with Lokita Carter
Mar 12-19, 2022
Lokita Carter
Lokita's Sanctuary
Playa Montezuma, Costa Rica

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Our Values for our Tantra Workshops and Teachings

The teachings offered by Ecstatic Living Institute and its instructors are inspired by a set of values that we apply to our whole life. The practice of these values brings the essence of ecstatic living into our day to day reality. Above all, every being on this planet is unique. Without each of us, the world would not be the same place or have the same boundless potential for ecstatic living.

• Truth and Integrity

It is essential to be true to who we really are. Our personal and professional integrity embraces our own and our clients’ boundaries and our own and our clients’ experience.

• Trust and Heartfulness

We are committed to responding to whatever life brings with an open heart, and we trust that whatever happens in our lives – positive or negative – is an opportunity for our personal growth and learning. We treasure and hold sacred the trust and openness we bring to each other, and others bring to us. Safety and confidentiality are our foremost priorities.

• Intellect and Learning

We celebrate our mind as a powerful learning tool to transform ourselves, to live well, and to learn from every opportunity and every person we have the joy to come to know.

• Compassion and Unconditional Love

Compassion means “feeling with.” We are compassionate with ourselves and others as our way of life. Loving unconditionally leads us in all of our interactions and brings peace and harmony to our lives.

• Honor and Respect

We respect and honor ourselves, each other, and everyone around us for who they are and whatever their circumstances might be.

• Willingness and Gentleness

The power of gentleness shows us the way to accepting ourselves and others in a loving, friendly, and sacred way. Our own willingness to learn from all situations provides a safe and loving learning environment for everyone.

• Commitment and Partnership

We are committed to improving our lives and the lives of our clients, and to bring forth ecstatic spiritual teachings that make the world a better place. Learning from each other in our loving partnership is a powerful way to grow into the best people we can be. Every single one of us can make a difference, and our lives and teachings are our contributions to this endeavor.

• Professional Ethics

Our professional and personal integrity informs all parts of our lives. The instructors and team at Ecstatic Living® Institute are committed to the Ethical Standards developed and set forth by Margot Anand.

To learn more about our Ethical Standards, our team, and our Tantra workshops, contact Ecstatic Living® Institute today.